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Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How To Get Back To The Ship

How to return to the Normandy.

by Dean James


Mass Effect Legendary Edition meshes a lot of different genres into one experience, with the core experience being a space adventure centered around your own Commander Shepard. As you are playing through the game, you will need to use your own ship known as the Normandy to travel around between planets. This may mean you are venturing out on a planet in the Mako or simply visiting the Citadel, but both can be a bit confusing on how to return to your ship in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Get Back To The Ship

Considering there are going to be two different scenarios where you would need to get back to your ship, we are going to cover both here. There are also moments in the game where you cannot return to the ship due to certain story moments that make you push forward wherever you are.

The Citadel plays a major role in the Mass Effect trilogy and that starts in the very first game. You will end up docking your ship to visit the Citadel, but this may also leave you confused on how to leave again. What you will need to do is find the actual docking bay for the ship so that you can leave. Start by heading to the Wards area of The Citadel and you should find a C-Sec elevator to the left that you can take up here. This elevator will take you right to the area with your ship and you can take off.

The other time you will need to get back to your ship is when you are out exploring planets in the Mako, which is your land rover vehicle that you use to check out planets. There is a way to do this either in the Mako itself or even if you are outside of it. If you are in the Mako, all you have to do is press X on Xbox or the corresponding button on other platforms to return to the ship. If you are outside of the Mako, you can bring up the map itself and there is a “Return to Normandy” option that you can select to head back as well.

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