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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to Romance Tali

Get intimate with one of the many love interests in Mass Effect


Mass Effect Legendary Edition has some interesting characters you can romance with, Tali for sure being one of the most unique out there. The famous Quarian is one of the original members to join Shepard’s crew, making her a well-developed character in the popular trilogy. Constantly wearing her full body suit, due to her race genetics and vulnerabilities, it is odd at first to think you can end up in a relationship with such a person. After all, how would you be able to have any kind of physical interaction with her, since she can’t even touch you bare handed? Thankfully, in the fascinating world of Mass Effect everything is possible, so keep reading if you want to check out for yourself how to do so.

How to romance Tali in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Tali first joins your squad in Mass Effect 1, however, she is not an option to romance until Mass Effect 2 and onwards. The reason for this is because Tali is rumored to be rather young in the first game and she has little to no interest on starting a relationship with anyone. Or at least this is the most famous theory out there. As such, you need to keep your eyes to someone else until you reach the events of Mass Effect 2, where the option is indeed available.

With that out of the way, we jump into the second title, where you can romance Tali as a male Shepard. Female protagonists don’t have this option, so keep note of that. Then, you of course need to have her join the crew before you attempt to start anything with her. To invite her, make sure to not skip the mission involving Tali and successfully bring her to Normandy.

With these pre-requisites done, you need to start increasing your affection with her. You need to speak with her after every mission and exhaust the dialogue options each time. This way you will earn her Loyalty, and eventually she will start being flirty as well, showing that you successfully managed to reach that phase with her. Simply enough, after this instance comes, tell her you want to be with her and no one else in order to seal your feelings. Keep talking with her after each mission, and in the end, choose to not end up to an intimate scene with her and she will officially be your pair in Mass Effect 2.

How to keep things going in Mass Effect 3

–  Please note that there will be some spoilers ahead

If you manage to keep Tali safe in the final phase of Mass Effect 2 where everyone can pretty much end up dying, then you can keep things going with her. In fact, this is mandatory to do so if you want to have that option in Mass Effect 3. If you didn’t romance Tali in 2, then you are out of luck for 3 as well.

The moment you end up bringing Tali back to the crew, you will have the option to go right ahead and have a chat in your private room with her. This will enable you to continue your relationship with, as normal. After this event, you need to repeat the steps from Mass Effect 2. This means talking to her after each mission, exhaust the dialogue options and so on. If everything goes smoothly until the final battle, you will unlock something really special, and heart-warming to be honest. A picture of Tali without her mask on, which will be on your desk. For a race that don’t ever remove their suits, even having a picture of her this way is truly remarkable and shows both characters’ strong and true feelings.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to take a look at our list right here.


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