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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Noveria Puzzle Solution

Here is how to solve the Memory Core puzzle on Noveria


In Mass Effect Legendary Edition you will find numerous missions and quests that require some brainstorming, and the Noveria puzzle in Mass Effect 1 is for sure one of them. At Peak 15, as you search for Matriarch Benezia, you will end up solving this Memory Core puzzle in order to progress further. While it looks really complicated, it actually is. Yeah, no word-playing here, the puzzle is indeed troublesome to complete, but thankfully the game is years old with a lot of insight on how to complete it the easy way. Take a look below to see exactly how.

How to complete the Noveria Puzzle in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

We will share with you exactly what you need to pay attention to and what to do as you solve the puzzle, taken directly from the game’s official wiki:

  • Only a single box may be transferred to any stack, regardless of whether or not they are adjacent.
  • Only the topmost box will be “picked up” when one presses the corresponding face button. It will be ‘placed’ in the same order when another face button is pressed. This means that if the top-most box is selected, it will drop into the top most area of any stack it is dropped in. The same applies to the other boxes as well.
  • A box may not be transferred to a space where there will be a blue box in any slot above it.
  • After transferring a box to another stack, it may be transferred back as many times as required.
  • Only one box may be “picked up” at a time.

If you are planning on solving the puzzle by yourself, without any spoilers, the rules above is all you need to keep it clean and do your best on completing it. If however, you just want to keep on with your run and want to easily and effortlessly pass this annoying stage, here are exactly the motions you need to do to solve it right away:

  • Xbox: X Y, X B, Y B, X Y, B X, B Y, X Y, X B, Y B, Y X, B X, Y B, X Y, X B, Y B
  • PC: Column 1 → 2, 1 → 3, 2 → 3, 1 → 2, 3 → 1, 3 → 2, 1 → 2, 1 → 3, 2 → 3, 2 → 1, 3 → 1, 2 → 3, 1 → 2, 1 → 3, 2 → 3
  • PlayStation: ▢ △, ▢ ◯, △ ◯, ▢ △, ◯ ▢, ◯ △, ▢ △, ▢ ◯, △ ◯, △ ▢, ◯ ▢, △ ◯, ▢ △, ▢ ◯, △ ◯

Depending on your platform, press the above button sequences as showed and you will be done with it in no time. There will be three columns at your screen, so from the moment they appear, click everything in the order we mentioned here, and you should be good to go. Alternatively, you can spend 100 Omni-Gel to instantly complete this, but since the amount is rather hefty it’s best to complete the puzzle manually. Then, the rest of the mission is straightforward, without any odd puzzle instances to pass through.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to take a look at our list right here.


- This article was updated on:May 15th, 2021

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