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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Which Difficulty to Choose

Five difficulty levels to choose from


Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes a lot of things in the massively popular series, and choosing the difficulty option that fits best your playstyle to experience it all, is a must. The major focus in this revamp/ remake was the visuals and quality of life changes. However, a lot of tweaks were made to the AI and the fundamentals of the game as well, ending up to a different way your enemies will deal with you and your squad. As such, even if you are a veteran player of the Mass Effect series, you may think twice turning that difficulty on to the highest possible. Whatever the case may be, below you will find everything you need to choose your preferred difficulty in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Which difficulty to choose in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Five difficulty settings were available in the original release of the games, and this is also the case with this new (kind of) entry. With Casual being the easiest and Insanity the hardest, here are all the difficulty option you have:

  • Casual
  • Normal
  • Veteran
  • Hardcore
  • Insanity

The first four options are easy to understand and deal with, as they are simple difficulty spikes with enemies having more life, dealing more damage, and so on. Where things get interesting, is the Insanity mode, in which Bosses and mini-bosses have immunities and they scale to your level and power. Even as an experienced player, the Insanity difficulty is not for the faint-hearted and will require considerable knowledge of the game to progress through. If you succeed though and complete all three Mass Effect games in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition with Insanity enabled and not turning it off, you will be able to earn three different Achievements:

  • Insanity I
  • Insanity II
  • Insanity III

For some, the compensation may suffice as you will be one step closer to your Platinum Trophy or 100% Achievement points/. To others the insane difficulty of this mode may not worth such a reward. In any case, if you’d like our suggestion, Veteran is the difficulty option you should be looking at if you are a new player in the series, but with enough experience in action and RPG games respectively. It offers everything the game can throw at you, at a considerable pace but with challenging fights as well that will need you to make good planning of your gear, abilities and team setup. The choice is yours however, so proceed accordingly.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to take a look at our list right here.


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