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MechWarrior 5 – How to Command Your Lance

Herd your cats with these simple commands.

by Brandon Adams


An enemy Awesome is crushing your mech, and about to cripple your legs; you need to command your lance to attack it if you wish to survive. Issuing commands to your lance is simple in MechWarrior 5, and here is how you do it.

Use the function keys to issue commands to your lance.

Your lance is mapped to your function keys, with F1 issuing commands to everyone, F2 issuing a command to your first lancemate, and so on. once you have selected all or one, the prompts for each key will update. F1 will task your lance with targeting your target (which is selected with the R key), F2 has them rally to your position and follow you, F3 has them go to a targeted location (a section of the ground you are aiming at), F4 toggles them between weapons free and holding their fire, and F5 cancels the order.

Use this to get your lance to deal with problem mechs, buy you some breathing room, or to hold a position. Rallying them is also a great way to coral the lot, seeing as they can sometimes get a little murder friendly if you have them set to weapons free. Worse case, set them to hold their fire, then task them to rally on you if you are trying to make a speedy retreat. Just bear in mind they won’t attack anything, so if you have VTOLs or tanks harassing you, your lance won’t deal with them.

That’s how to command your lance in MechWarrior 5. For more guides be sure to keep an eye on our guides page.

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