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MechWarrior 5 – How to Raise Your Reputation

Prove yourself to the Inner Sphere.

by Brandon Adams


Raising your reputation is how you earn the big bucks and better rewards in MechWarrior 5but it may seem somewhat slow at the start. Luckily for you all you aspiring MechWarriors, raising it isn’t all that difficult.

Raise your reputation by taking on contracts.

The easiest way to raise your reputation in MechWarrior 5 is to take on the various contracts littered across the Starmap. First, we should break down your reputation into two categories: clan and faction.

Clan reputation is your largest concern, seeing as it unlocks additional campaign quests and provides you more negotiation points across the board. Faction reputation only applies to the faction you are either assisting or battling: take contracts for a faction to raise it, and take contracts against a faction to lower it.

Clan reputation is simple to level: just complete contracts. All contracts provide reputation, but if you see a High Reputation quest (yellow icon) on the Starmap, complete it for a large reputation reward (and sometimes a mech or handful of powerful new weapons). These usually have multiple parts, so be sure to save up a bit to keep up with repairs.


Faction reputation is a bit more granular. You can check the intel on any system you select to see what factions are in control, and what factions you will likely face. The colored sectors of the Starmap also indicate which faction controls that sector (and therefore, is most likely going to sponsor your endeavors in the region. Maxing out a faction early gives you more points for negotiation, so it’s prudent to focus on a faction early and stick with them for a while if you wish to maximize your grind. High Reputation quests and Multi-Objective quests are great for leveling your faction rank, but remember this: you can’t repair between objectives in a Multi-Objective quest, so take these on when you have a stable of mechs and pilots to swap between.

Be careful: failing or aborting a mission can cause you to lose reputation, so try and save prior to accepting a contract or quest to avoid this penalty.

That’s all there is to raising your reputation: take on contracts to raise your clan rank, and use the intel on the Starmap to focus in on the faction who’s sector you are in to maximize rewards. For more guides be sure to keep an eye on our guides page.

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