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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide – How to Use C4 Effectively

by Kyle Hanson


Ever since the first Metal Gear Solid game, C4 has been one of Snake’s most effective tools of combat. The key to the explosive is that it is remote detonated, allowing players to set a few and then blow them all up at the same time or staggered, causing massive damage while remaining relatively concealed. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain brings the item back to great effect, mostly thanks to the open world nature of the gameplay. Check out this short guide on how to use C4 effectively to find out the best way to use them.

First up are the basics, what buttons to push and how it all works. I’ll be explaining using the controller options, so if you are using keyboard and mouse just swap for the corresponding keys.

Primarily you’ll need to unlock C4 as an option. To do this go into your crew management system and assign your best people to the R&D team. At a certain level you’l unlock the ability to have them research C4. Once they do just call in a supply drop of have the helicopter pick you up and it will be added to your inventory. You’ll have to hold the right D-pad button to change out the grenades and select C4.

Once you have the item selected just pick your target and get right next to it. You can put C4 onto pretty much any surface, including the ground. Hold the left trigger to prep the explosives, a small circle will appear showing where you are about to place the device, and pull the right trigger once you are ready to stick it on.

Now you have a primed explosive ready to go. You can place more down, up to four actually, and then detonate them in the order that they were placed. To do this equip your C4, hold the right trigger, and press Y or Triangle. This will detonate the first piece of C4 that you put down, just keep pressing Y/Triangle to detonate the rest, or give it some time and hit them when you want. The range of the C4 detonator is a topic of great debate, but usually if you are within eyesight range of the explosive you should be able to blow it up.

Now as far as strategy, and how to use C4 effectively, here are some tips. Make sure the C4 isn’t visible to random passersby, get it into some hidden position so that it isn’t discovered by the enemy. C4 can also be used as a great distraction, getting guards to turn toward another direction.

While it will let everyone know that you are nearby, they’ll have no idea exactly where. One thing that I like to do is pick a valuable target, like a communications satellite or a power station. Then I start infiltrating. If cutting the power would help me, or a guard is getting a bit too close I fire off the C4 and things start getting interesting.

C4 can be one of Snake’s best weapons in the field, but you’ll have to use it right. Hopefully this short guide helps you out a little bit.

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