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Metal Wolf Chaos XD: How to Save

Early 2000's action, and an early 2000's save system

by Kyle Hanson


Whenever an older game gets re-released the question is “how much has changed”. Has the whole game been remade from the ground up, or just retouched here and there. For Metal Wolf Chaos XD the answer is firmly the latter of those two, with the visuals being updated but not much else done to modernize the experience. This makes some things a bit different when compared to more modern games. This includes the save system, so here’s how to save in Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

How to Save

The answer might not be what you want it to be, as Metal Wolf Chaos XD has a very old school save system. Sure, you select a save file and can continue from it pretty easily, but determining when the game saves might be difficult. There’s an auto-save of sorts, but beyond that there’s little you can do to force the game to save. So when it comes to how to save, the answer is to always make sure you finish whatever level you’re on.

Yes, there don’t seem to be any mid-mission saves or checkpoints in FromSoftware’s early 2000’s mech action game. If you need to stop and come back to the game, you’ll be prompted with an “unsaved progress will be lost” message just like the old days. If you finish the mission though, you can confidently back away from the game knowing that your progress is saved and ready to continue later on.

That’s all there is to know about how to save in Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

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