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Metroid Dread: Stuck in Catarsis – How to Move Forward

Catarsis is one of Dread's most hostile areas

Catarsis is the magma-filled secondary region of ZDR. Your main obstacle while traversing this level is going to be the heat, which Samus is not currently equipped for. Throughout this stage, you will have to locate 5 magma redistribution centers in order to make most of the map safe to traverse. In this guide, you’ll be shown the locations of these centers and how to access each of them, eventually leading you to the shuttle towards Dairon.


Break the wall on your left to meet ADAM

As soon as you exit the capsule and enter Cartarsis, fire towards your left. The stone there is breakable and will lead to a hallway that drops down into a network center. Enter the bottom left door and you’ll meet ADAM, who will update you on the situation and allow you to save. After meeting ADAM, head to your left once more and you’ll spot the first magma center. Enter the door on the bottom right and Samus will redistribute the flow of power throughout the area.


Continue heading left until you reach the E.M.M.I. zone

After activating the first magma center, head left. You will encounter a large, open structure that leads up towards a moving magnetic railway. Jump up and grab the rail in order to be pulled towards a hallway leading to  the E.M.M.I. zone. You will be returning here often, so make sure to keep your skills with the Phantom Cloak sharp.

When in the E.M.M.I. zone, try to stealthily make your way towards the middle of the region. You’ll encounter a large, open air area with several magnetic rooves to grab. Make your way up the platforms until you reach the area centered in the image above. Once there, you can activate the second magma center.


Travel past a corridor with deactivated magnetic railings to reach the third center

After you activate Catarsis’ second center, head back into the E.M.M.I. zone. Quickly drop downwards and head to your right. You’ll find another door leading out of the zone and towards a tall corridor with deactivated railings. These walls are too far apart to jump across with your wall jump at this time, so simply head past them and drop down a floor. You’ll encounter a sensor door that can be bypassed with your Phantom Cloak. Head inwards and you’ll be able to activate Catarsis’ third center.


Now that the railing is activated, head up the spire

Once the third Catarsis center is powered on, a short cinematic will play showing the spire’s magnetic railings beginning to move. Head up the railing on the left and enter through the sensor door on the top floor. You’ll find the fourth magma center there, and it can be activated without any trouble.


For the final center, head to the E.M.M.I. zone one last time

After activating the fourth magma center in Catarsis, head back towards the E.M.M.I. zone once more. You should notice that previously deactivated doors and railings are now working, allowing you to travel to a new ADAM network center, where you will be given the option to save once more. After reaching ADAM, travel back into the E.M.M.I. zone and head upwards until you find an exit. This exit will lead you to the fifth and final center in Catarsis.

Active the power button and the lava below the tunnel will drain out of the room. This will give you access to previously too hot areas and enable you to reach the purple colored area in the top left of the image above. This purple room is the shuttle to Dairon, taking you to the next level of the game.

This covers all of Catarsis, beginning to end. If you need help on any other areas of the game, you can click here to find more guides. Metroid Dread is available now on the Nintendo Switch, purchasable in-store or through eShop.

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