Metroid Dread: Stuck in Ghavoran – How to Progress Forward

Ghavoran is the lush underground of ZDR, and where you'll find Super Missiles

by Joshua Raymer


After leaving Burenia, you should’ve been able to make your way to Ghavoran, the sixth area of Metroid Dread. Once in this underground jungle, your objective is going to be finding the Super Missile upgrade pack and heading out to Elun. In this guide, you’ll be given a full explanation of how to make your way through your first trip to Ghavoran.

What to Do If You’re Stuck in Ghavoran in Metroid Dread


Head up to face off against a Robot Chozo Soldier

After exiting the elevator from Burenia, simply head to your right and make use of your Grapple Beam to pull any obstacles in your way. At the top of this cave, you’ll find a door leading into a large arena with a single Robot Chozo Soldier inside. Stay towards the top of the room to give yourself some space and make liberal use of the Flash Shift to gain distance. Keep hitting the robot with your missiles until it goes down, then head out the door on the left side of the room.


Briefly travel through a safe E.M.M.I. zone to find ADAM

After defeating the robotic Chozo, head up the cavern to the left and enter the E.M.M.I. zone. Thanks to Quiet Robe’s efforts earlier, you won’t have to worry about dodging your way through here. Just head to the bottommost portion of the room and travel right. You’ll encounter a large area with one of the giant crushing aliens from before, but don’t worry too much about them. Just keep right and head up into the save station to receive a mildly discouraging briefing from ADAM.


Exit the ADAM station and head down to receive the Super Missile

After leaving ADAM’s room, just head right to find a peculiarly balanced seesaw. Shoot down the left side of the platform to be locked into a path leading you towards the Super Missile.

You’ll want to travel through the tunnel to exit the seesaw room, beyond which you’ll head to your right. You’ll eventually come to a wide-open area with a whale-like enemy that can drain your energy if you’re below it. To the far right of this area is an elevator that heads back to Dairon, but you can ignore this for now. Just head through the left door and place a bomb at the bottom of the ledge. This will open the pathway for you to collect your Super Missiles, which you can now use to open doors covered with green shielding.


Travel through the Super Missile door and head off to Elun

After receiving the Super Missile, exit the room via the passage you used to get in. Blast away the Super Missile shield on the left side door and keep traveling leftwards until you reach another room with a Super Missile cap covering one of its doors. Once more, destroy this shield and head to your right. In the room past this, you’ll have to head through a Morph Ball launcher that deposits you in front of yet another Super Missile door. Simply head through once more and travel until you’re at the position screenshotted above, you’re all set to head to Elun.

This should cover everything you need to get through your first trip to Ghavoran. If you would like other tips to progress through Metroid Dread, you can find other guides by clicking here.

Metroid Dread is available now on the Nintendo Switch, purchasable in-store or through your Switch’s eShop.

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