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Metroid Dread: Where to Go After Getting the Morph Ball

Samus' Morph Ball offers new pathways through ZDR

After acquiring the Morph Ball from the E.M.M.I. in Cataris, you may be confused as to where to head next. Metroid Dread‘s next objective is going to be reaching Artaria to find a new suit upgrade. In this guide, we’ll be covering how to reach a hidden entrance to Artaria using your new Morph Ball ability.

Where to Go After Getting the Morph Ball in Metroid Dread


Travel left to find an unexplored E.M.M.I. vent

After destroying various E.M.M.I. you may have noticed thin, Morph Ball accessible vents opening up throughout their zones. You can finally explore these to their fullest extent, and you’re going to want to make use of that immediately. Head to your left until you see the E.M.M.I. vent pictured above. Follow it through and continue left until you reach a cave. There will be a small, maze-like room filled with bug infested Morph Ball tunnels. Attempt to make your way safely through this “maze” until you drop into a room with an odd, Chozo-esque statue resting in its middle.


Take the statue’s bottom path and head left to a save station

After encountering the statue, head through its bottom-path tunnel. Shoot the stone blocks blocking the upper room and jump through. You’ll be able to enter another long Morph Ball tunnel that terminates in a mechanical entrance to a save station. If you wish to save here, simply head through the door and do so. However, your objective lies above.

Jump into the bug filled Morph Ball tunnels above Samus’ head and roll through them. In the top right corner of the room is a red teleportal that will lead you back to Artaria. Head through this until-now hidden portal to leave Cataris and enter a newly explorable region of the game’s first level. Your new mission, at this point, will be to locate the Varia Suit.

This covers everything you’ll need to know to start the next beat of Metroid Dread‘s story path. If you want additional help, including a guide on where to find the Varia Suit in Artaria, you can find our other guides here.

Metroid Dread is available now on the Nintendo Switch, purchasable in-store or through your Switch’s eShop.

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