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Metroid Dread: Where to Go After Getting the Speed Booster

The Speed Booster will allow you to dash through enemies at sonic-speed

After acquiring the Speed Booster, Samus’ next target is to backtrack to Artaria once again. The Metroid series is built around exploration and hidden entrances, so the path to Artaria might not be as obvious as it first seems. Returning with the shuttle you used to reach Dairon won’t put you on the right track. In this guide, you’ll be shown how to reach a hidden teleportal leading to a new area of Artaria not previously explored.


Head upwards after killing the E.M.M.I. to burst through a wall

After you’ve received the Speed Booster, you should notice a wall in the top right featuring yellow fractures throughout its structure. This wall can be destroyed by running through it at supersonic speed. Get a good starting distance and activate your Speed Booster. Samus will smash through two walls and then have to jump over a gap to smash through a third. This will lead you into a large, mostly vertical corridor.


Shinespark up a hallway and head to your right

This new corridor will lead back into the E.M.M.I. zone from earlier. This time, however, you will be able to reach a new door thanks to the Shinespark. Once you enter the zone from the blue area pictured at the bottom of the above image, run down the hallway and stop yourself by pressing down on the controller before hitting the wall. Then, hold the jump button and tilt upwards. Samus will charge the Shinespark and blast up into the sky, destroying several floors along the way.


Head up and rightwards to find another Speed Booster section

After destroying the floors with your Shinespark, you’ll be able to enter a new area leading to the final area of Dairon. Jump towards the hallway pictured above, get some distance, and smash through the barriers in your way. Jump across the pit to the bottom floor and enter through the door to find a room with a shutter panel blocking your way. Use the Flash Shift to warp through the shutter and continue forward.


Make use of another Shinespark to find the teleportal to Artaria

After traveling through an E.M.M.I. zone exit door you should come to a room with a Wide Beam Box blocking your way. Push it aside with your beam and enter the door underneath it. Don’t follow the hallway down or you’ll be forced to backtrack to this spot. After passing the door you’ll enter a save room, beyond with is the teleportal. Use the save room to build up distance, then use the Shinespark on the hump in the middle of the room. Once there, just drop down the pit to your left and enter the portal to Artaria.

This covers all you need to know on your trip through Dairon after gaining the Speed Booster. If you’re stuck on any other portions of the game, you can find other guides by clicking here.

Metroid Dread is now available on the Nintendo Switch, purchasable in-store or through your Switch’s eShop.

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