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Miitopia: How to Get New Weapons and Armor

Equip your whole party with powerful new weapons and armor


Miitopia may look cute and all, but as a true RPG at its core new weapons and armor will be essential in order to overcome the dangers that lie ahead in your journey. Your main Mii and the rest of your party members you gather along the way start with basic gear and abilities, but as you progress more into the story their toolkits will become far greater, and the equipment you will find must need to beon par with those. As such, here is how you can get yourself some new weapons and armor, in the exciting world of Miitopia.

How to obtain new weapons and armor in Miitopia

There are a couple of ways of finding some new goodies to equip your characters with. First and most likely the most consistent way of getting new items, will be through inside the Inn. Every time you finish a run of any node in the specific region you are in, you will end up at the Inn, where your party will rest and you will have various options to choose from, until you leave again for a quest. One of these options, is to spend some Gold with the hope of getting new weapons and armor.

Simply choose Spend Gold from the Inn menu, and you will see all of your Miis thinking about something. If that something has the icon of a weapon or armor, it means that you can speak with that character, and send them to buy that item they are thinking of. If they are successful, they will come back with that new item and you can equip it right away. If not, a consumable item will unfortunately be bought instead, meaning it was a failed attempt. You will receive back all the money you used for this action, so at least no all is lost.

Another way in which you can get new weapons and armor, is again through the Inn activities, this time utilizing the Arcade. Pick it from the available options, and choose to play Roulette. There are rewards that you can obtain from there, many of them being weapons and costumes, which you can either sell afterwards or equip them to your characters, if they are stronger that your currently equipped gear.

Lastly, you can get some new items from Chests found in the overworld as you clear map nodes. Your team sometimes find these Chests, and you can decide to open them or not. Just be careful since sometimes they do contain traps inside, making the dilemma of opening one with an almost wiped out party, greater.

And there we have it, those were all the major ways in which you can get yourself some new gear. Remember that you can use the appearance of any previously found item, with the stats of the strongest weapons and armor you found up until that point, so you can have your characters outfitted the way you want.

Miitopia is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more related content about the game, make sure to check the rest of our guides right here.



- This article was updated on:May 20th, 2021

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