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Minecraft Dungeons Nether DLC – What are Gilded Items, How to Get Them, What to do with Them

How do Gilded Weapons, Armor, and Gear work

by Kyle Hanson


The Minecraft Dungeons: Flame of the Nether DLC has arrived and brings a lot of big changes to the endgame of this dungeon crawler. One of the biggest is the addition of new Gilded Gear. These golden items, whether they’re weapons, armor, or items, offer some unique benefits and operate a bit differently than all the other gear you’ve been collecting the whole time. But how does Gilding even work? Here’s the answers to your burning Minecraft Dungeons Nether DLC questions, including what are Gilded Items, how to get them, and what to do with them once you do.

What are Gilded Items, Weapons, Armor, and Gear

Gilded gear is the new equipment modification added via the Minecraft Dungeons Nether DLC, titled Flame of the Nether. These extremely rare and powerful items have some benefits behind their golden coloring (on the menu screen, at least). You can tell that you have a Gilded item by checking for that gold coloring on the inventory screen, as well as the Gilded tag on the item itself in this menu.

So that’s how to identify them, but what even are these Gilded items you’ll be collecting (more on how below)? There’s two main benefits of having a piece of Gilded gear. They come with an already applied enchantment attached. You can see this on the menu screen above. The Glaive above has the Slows Mobs enchantment by default.

On top of this, Gilded weapons, Armor, and other items have one other key difference. When you salvage them you no longer receive Emeralds. Instead you will get the new Gold currency that is used to buy from the Piglin Merchant. You’ll want a lot of Gold too, since this is how you can buy new Gilded Gear.

How to Get Gilded Gear

Gilded items are obtained as drops when playing through the new Ancient Hunt stages. This is likely how you’ll encounter your first piece of Gilded gear. However, once you make it back to camp your options will expand greatly. The Piglin Merchant will be in your camp now, tucked underneath the main area, in the cave to the southwest. Head there to exchange Gold for any Gilded items on offer at the time. As with all merchants, his inventory will change after completing new missions, so check it often.

What to do with Gilded Gear, Items, Weapons, and Armor

And this comes to the final question of what to do with Gilded gear, whether they’re weapons, armor, or other. Of course, if it has solid enchantments, including the default one, and good stats you should use it. But you’ll end up with extras. You can always offer them up for new Ancient Hunts, but most you’ll likely just want to salvage and turn into more gold to buy other Gilded gear with. The choice really is yours, based on what you need at the moment, but the options are clear.

So that’s what are Gilded Items, how to get them, and what to do with them in Minecraft Dungeons: Flame of the Nether DLC.

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