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Minecraft Earth – How to Get Iron

It's not as easy as digging down.

by Kyle Hanson


There are so many different resources and items in Minecraft, but iron is certainly one of the most important. Used in so many different craftable items, weapons, and more, it’s a key resource to gather any time you can. This is true in the base game and in the newly released mobile title: Minecraft Earth. But while in the normal game you can just dig around for it anywhere and everywhere, with the new mobile release it’s quite different. Here’s how to get iron in Minecraft Earth.

How to Get Iron

Unfortunately Minecraft Earth is still in early access even though it is widely available at this time. This means things can change at any point, so take these tips as early advice that could be altered later. As it stands, iron is a pretty rare resource in Minecraft Earth. It won’t come from tappables that appear all around the world. Those provide simple materials like dirt and plants. Instead, to get iron you need to go on an adventure.

Adventures are one of Minecraft Earth’s more confusing elements at this point. They have been geo-locked at times, so you may have not even encountered them yet. Adventures appear on the screen as a bright reddish light shining from a tappable. Get to it and tap it to enter the adventure. Here you’ll encounter enemies, but also more rare and useful resources. Make sure you have a pickaxe or other weapon ready to take on the mob. Once you defeat it just harvest resources as normal and you could receive some iron.

Given the random nature of the experience, this isn’t ideal, but it is the best answer to how to get iron in Minecraft Earth at this time. Be sure to check back for updates as the early access period continues.

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