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Minecraft – How to Enchant

Enchant your items to make them more powerful.

by William Schwartz


You can enchant items in Minecraft of all kinds to make them stronger.  Minecraft Enchanting requires a couple of things.  You’re going to need an Enchanting Table, and some Lapis Lazuli.  To do the enchantment you’ll basically need to add the item that you want to take the necessary items to the table and then choose which enchantment you want to use.  This guide will explain all of the different aspects of enchanting in Minecraft.

Step 1 – You need the Enchanting Table

To do anything with Enchantments you’ll need the Enchanting Table.  This can be crafted with Diamonds (2), Obsidian (4) and a Book.

Enchanting Table Recipe


Once you have the table you can either place it down wherever you want or you can build a bookshelf circle around it to maximize the available enchantments.  You can do this by surrounding the Enchanting Table with 15 bookshelves.  Regardless of which method you choose, you will then need to choose which type of enchantment you want on your item.  If you don’t have the fifteen bookshelves you will not get a level 30 enchantment option.  The less bookshelves you have surrounding the enchanting table the lower level the enchantments available.

Use Bookshelves to increase power of Enchantments

There are some things to take into consideration from this point of the enchantment process.  As you can see in the image below you have different enchantments to choose from and there are some numbers associated with them.  The number on the right side of the enchantment is the experience level that you must have to perform the enchantment.  In the example below, the first enchantment is unlocked at level 10, the second at 16, and the third at level 30.  The number on the left hand side of the enchantment is the number of Lapis Lazuli you will need to perform it.

Enchant the Item


Once that is complete you will have an enchanted item with the enchantment that you choose.

Using the Enchanting Table isn’t the only way to enchant items in Minecraft.  You can also use an Anvil if you’ve got and Enchanted Book.  If you’ve picked up an Enchanted Book you can enchant items on the Anvil.  You can either Enchant a Book at the Enchanting Table or pick one up, but you’ll need an item to enchant and an Enchanted Book to do this on the Anvil.

Using the Anvil to Enchant Items in Minecraft

To enchant with the Anvil simply walk up to the Anvil and place the Enchanted Book and item you want to enchant on the workspace.  The anvil can be created by mixing blocks of iron with iron ingots.

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