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Minecraft: Story Mode Guide: How to Find Soren and Solve the Enderman Puzzle in Episode 3

by Kyle Hanson


Telltale hasn’t usually provided too much of a challenge with their games. The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and more have all been fairly straightforward experiences, with little to stump players other than what to do when presented with an important choice. However, in Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 there is a small section of the game that has caused some players to trip up and become a little lost.

It happens when Jesse and his friends are looking for Soren and come upon his room full of Enderman. Inside this room, which you can access by putting on the Enderman costume found in the front of the entrance chamber, you’ll find a small puzzle. If you haven’t searched the entirety of the entrance chamber than this puzzle will be unsolvable and could cause a bit of frustration. So here’s a guide to finding Soren and solving the Enderman puzzle in Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3.

First up, you’ll need to find some schematics if you want to solve the puzzle. These can be found in the large chest on the left side of the room where you first find the costume. Once you find that, the rest of the pieces quickly fall into place.

The schematics show what configuration of blocks are necessary on the puzzle found in the Enderman chamber. You just need to grab the six clay blocks necessary to make the configuration. Five of these can be found in the entrance hall, with four on the bottom floor, one right next to the door to the Enderman room and the rest scattered about near the walls, and an additional one on the second floor on the far side of the walkway.

Once you have these you can head into the Enderman chamber, as that is where you’ll find the final piece and be able to solve the puzzle. Walk up to the Enderman that is holding a clay block, he should be on the far right side in reference to the entrance hall. You can then select the block and take it from him. This will anger the Enderman, but don’t worry.

Head to the end of this chamber and you’ll find the puzzle. Place the blocks in the proper configuration, with five lining the left side and bottom of the square and another block in the top right corner. This will trigger the next cutscene and send you on your way toward the epic conclusion of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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