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MLB The Show 20 – How To Get Stubs Quickly

How to avoid paying for Stubs.

by Dean James


Pretty much every annual sports series has introduced some sort of microtransactions over the years and MLB The Show is no different. The series introduced what are known as Stubs years ago, which can either be earned in game or purchased from the PlayStation Store. For those that really enjoy playing Diamond Dynasty mode and everything that comes in it, you will need plenty of Stubs and this guide will explain how you can get them fairly quickly in MLB The Show 20.

How To Get Stubs Quickly

Before even getting into how to earn Stubs in the game, it is worth mentioning that technically the easiest way to get Stubs is to purchase them outright. These can be purchased within the game from the PlayStation Store, but that is not what we are hoping to do for the purposes of this guide. Instead, we want to tell you the best way to earn Stubs in the game without having to spend any real life money.

Starting off, open up all of your packs that you are given at the start of the game, whether you have any sort of pre-order bonuses or anything. If you managed to get anything worth a good number of Stubs at this point, you can go ahead and sell them if you wish to try and get some quick Stubs.

Next, we’re going to move to one of the newer additions to the series with Moments, which can be found from within Diamond Dynasty. While these are somewhat limited for your first time playing them, there are plenty of moments that you can play right now that will reward you with Stubs for completing them. These aren’t always easy though, so feel free to play these on a lower difficulty if you need.

On top of Moments, trying to complete Programs within Diamond Dynasty is also a great way to earn Stubs quickly. This is often paired with Moments, so you can kill two birds with one stone in some ways here to speed up things and complete the different Programs.

Another way you can technically earn Stubs is to buy packs with Stubs and hope you get some really good cards to sell and turn a profit. However, this is a major risk that is usually not even worth it. Typically the return on the packs will not be good enough, so you might be better off trying to find a bargain on the Community Market that you can flip instead. With the game just coming out, this might be a good time to grab some steals on here too before the market settles as well.

With the way MLB The Show 20 is built, you are never going to be swimming in Stubs without buying them outright. The above methods can help you are least start earning some quickly to give you some to spend before too long.

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