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MLB The Show 20 – How To Hit Home Runs

Knock the ball out of the park.

by Dean James


There are many different ways to score runs in baseball, but there are none more exciting than a home run. Whether it’s a solo shot or a grand slam, home runs are almost always exciting and are easily one of the most fun aspects of baseball. As a result, hitting home runs in MLB The Show 20 is something you will want to know how to do. Like with hitting, there are no guarantees, but this guide will explain how you can better your chances at hitting home runs.

How To Hit Home Runs

Before we start, this is not going to be a guide that just says something like go into the Home Run Derby mode and swing. We are talking about hitting home runs in MLB The Show 20 in general, such as in Play Now or Road to the Show.

To start off, the odds of you hitting home runs is greatly going to differ based on the player that is up at bat. Some players like Aaron Judge just mash home runs and have high home run numbers, while say a player like Billy Hamilton that is all about speed is very unlikely to get one no matter what you do.

Besides the ratings for the player, there are some other things you can do to help hit home runs. First of all, if you are using the Directional or Zone hitting interface, pressing Square for a Power Swing will give you a better chance of knocking one out of the park. You have a better chance of missing the ball and striking out as well, but also a better chance to hit a home run. In addition, try to sit on pitches right in the heart of the zone if you can. You may hit a home run occasionally outside of this area, but the majority of home runs come from pitches being left right over the plate.

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