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MLB The Show 21 – How To Turn On Or Off Cross Play

Choose who you want to play against.

by Dean James


While there are still rival gaming companies like PlayStation and Microsoft, cross play has become a major part of gaming over the last few years. This is something that was once though to be about impossible that we’d never see, but it has been happening more and more recently. With MLB The Show 21 going multi-platform, San Diego Studio decided to include cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox and this guide will tell you how you can either turn on or turn off cross play with others online in MLB The Show 21.

How To Turn On Or Turn Off Cross-Play

When playing MLB The Show 21, there are a number of online options at your disposal. The good thing is that the game has a universal switch for turning on or off cross play, which will make things much easier.

There are two ways to get to where you can switch on or off cross-play, so we’ll start with the easiest first. Regardless of whether you are on the home screen or in one of the game modes, hit the touchpad on PlayStation or the View button, aka the old select button, on the Xbox controller.

This will bring up a menu that where you are located in the game will change which page it defaults to when you press it. If you are on the home screen, it will default to the My Profile tab. If you’re in a mode that defaults to the My Ballplayer tab, just press R1/right bumper to move over to My Profile. From there, scroll down and change Cross Play on or off depending on how you want it set.

The other option is from the home menu, where you can scroll up to the top left where your name is and click on the profile icon. From there, press R1/right bumper to go over to My Profile. On this page that looks different than the other Profile page, you should start on the middle icon. Go to the icon on the right that says ‘Cross Play: On’ or ‘Cross Play: Off’ and press X/A to switch it to the other.

Compared to something such as Call of Duty where console players may not want to play against someone on PC with a clear advantage using mouse and keyboard, there really isn’t much reason to disable cross play here. Both players will be on equal footing unless there is some clear issues playing across platforms, even though they are using the same servers and should not have any issues.

MLB The Show 21 is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One. If you need any other help, make sure to check out our other guides for MLB The Show 21.

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