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Monster Hunter Rise: Dual Blades Guide

Activate Demon Mode to unleash an onslaught of slashes.

by Victor Vellas


Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise is the best weapon to use for anyone who likes frenetic combat, fast hitting attacks cool looking gear. Many players refer to them as the ‘anime’ weapon, and it is no wonder why. It has a lot of flashy attacks, alongside fast movement and the infamous Demon Mode, which when activated, enhances the hunter to a literal superhuman. Nothing is changed in this entry of the series, as Dual Blades can do everything they could up until now, and with the addition of the Wirebug and the unique Silkbind attacks, the weapon feels better than ever.

Dual Blades guide and overview

Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise may look all flashy and cool, with flurries of attacks constantly thrown at a monster, but in fact the weapon is one of the simplest to use in the game. You just need to know how it functions, what are its limits and good positioning in the field. It also has the least variation of attack commands, out of all melee weapons, but if you combine them efficiently you can create an actual multitude of attack patterns, depending on the situation.

The true power of the Dual Blades resides in their powerful Demon Mode. This is an enhanced state, in which when activated, all of your abilities are powered up and some new attack patterns are unlocked. It is not complicated to trigger too, as you just need to press the ZR button. Your movement speed increases as well, and your roll dodge turns into a very fast side step. All your regular attacks are also enhanced into stronger versions, and your upgraded X+A Blade Dance can cause some serious damage, if pulled out successfully. Just make sure to position yourself with caution, as the combo animation locks you in place for a while.

As long as you have Demon Mode enabled, your stamina keeps draining at a fast pace, being the only drawback of this form. Therefore, items that enhance your Stamina are highly suggested to have in a hunt, and skills that focus on reducing your stamina consumption are almost mandatory. Make sure to keep that in mind when you are building your equipment.

Dual Blades do have one more mode, which is their final form (pun intended) namely being the Archdemon Mode. As you attack monsters in Demon Mode, a certain gauge is increased which when full, triggers the so called Archdemon Mode. This makes your normal state, without having Demon Mode enabled, to actually have the special moves and traits of that state. In result, you can unleash all those attacks without your Stamina being constantly drained, making your playstyle in the process much smoother.

The obvious negatives are present when wielding the Dual Blades, with constant Stamina management needed, frequent stops for sharpening and a lack of defensive techniques. The Wirebug does help a lot with at least the last one, both defensively and offensively. Dual Blades have a small reach, so having the option to jump right into the face of a monster with Silkbind attacks is a great boon for this fast paced archetype. Leading to the fact that if you like the feeling of controlling an anime-like character, Dual Blades is for certain the weapon for you.

Dual Blades Controls and Combos

  • X = Double Slash
  • A = Lunging Strike
  • X+A = Blade Dance
  • ZR = Demon Mode

Recommended Combos

  • Bread and Butter
    • X->X->X->A->Repeat
  • Charging Demon Mode
    • A->X->X->X
  • While in Demon Mode
    • X->X->X->X+A

Dual Blades Silkbind Attacks

  • ZL+X = Piercing Bind
    • Pierces a target with your weapon and detonates it. Landing more hits where the weapon is lodged racks up more damage.
  • ZL+A = Shrouded Vault
    • Hurls you forward in a designated direction. Getting hit while in motion triggers a spinning attacks.


Pros and Cons

  • Pros
    • High mobility and fast hitting attacks.
    • Huge damage output with successful combos and Demon Mode.
    • Great for Elemental Weapons and Status Ailments.
    • Very fun to play.
  • Cons
    • Short reach.
    • Requires a lot of Stamina Management.
    • Frequent Sharpening.
    • No guarding options besides Shrouded Vault.
    • Blade Dance locks you in place and attack animation, vulnerable to attacks if not timed it right.

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on March 26, for the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


- This article was updated on:March 20th, 2021

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