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Monster Hunter Rise – How To Fast Travel

Save some time when hunting monsters.

by Dean James


Monster Hunter as a series has grown exponentially over the last few years, not only in sales numbers, but overall scale. Prior to Monster Hunter World, the map structure for the games was incredibly basic with load screen with every area on the map. That finally changed and has carried over to Monster Hunter Rise, though on a smaller scale. While searching for the various creatures in the game that you need to kill, having the ability to save some time when moving across the map is very helpful. That is why we have created this guide to tell you how to fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Fast Travel

The number of fast travel options you have at your disposal will be minimal to start, such as to warp back to your campsite. However, that will increase the more you play as you unlock more campsites and such that you can use. You will not be able to fast travel to a specific monster either, but hopefully you’ll have a closer location you can warp to and make it easier.

Actually executing fast travel is rather easy as long as you know how to do it, since it’s a little more than just pressing a button and bringing the map up. That is because you actually have to hold down the – button on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controller to bring up the fast travel map. From there, you can select any of the available icons around you and immediately move to that area after a quick loading screen.

While fast travel can be done from most anywhere in Monster Hunter Rise, there is one limitation that you have to be careful about. That is the fact that you cannot use fast travel when in combat with any sort of monster. This means if you need to warp back to your camp because you are near death or something, you will have to retreat and get away from the enemy before you can actually fast travel anywhere.

Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26. Make sure to check out all of our other guides that you can find right here as well.

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