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Monster Hunter Rise – How To Get Popo Tongues

Don't let them get away.

by Dean James


Monster Hunter Rise is always about taking on various quests that send you after monsters that you have to slay or give you a specific item that you need to find. There are other times where these goes hand in hand, where you actually have to kill a certain type of monster to get an item you have been requested to find. Sometimes these are more obvious than others, but one of the Level 2 Village Quests can be a bit confusing when it asks you to find some Popo Tongues, so we have created this guide to help you figure out where to search.

How To Get Popo Tongues

The first few fetch quests in Monster Hunter Rise have you going to find things like Firelanterns and Unique Mushrooms, which are found out in the environment itself that you have to pick. That is not the case with Popo Tongues however, as you have to find the right monsters and kill them to obtain the item.

Once you start this quest, you will be taken to the Frost Islands and you should have a good portion of the map already uncovered from previous quests. On this map, you will see red dots that indicate where Popos are located, so head that way.

Once you get to the Popos that look like woolly mammoths, you have to be very fast, as they will try to run away and actually run directly into a wall and disappear if they read that point. This means you probably won’t get to kill both in an area in one go, so just focus on one if that is all you can manage. As soon as you kill one of the Popos, search its body and you will find the Popo Tongue you need. Just do this again two more times and you’ll have the three that you need.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides that you can find right here as well.

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