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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Quality Stomach

Get ready for some bug-catching

by Victor Vellas


Large dinosaur-like monsters are dominant in the world of Monster Hunter Rise, but let us not forget the smaller ones found in the game’s wildlife and lush biomes, that provide excellent resources like the rare-ish Quality Stomach. To be precise, a specific bug creature can provide the specific material, and we will look into it right below.

How to get Quality Stomach in Monster Hunter Rise

There are only a handful of insectoid types of monsters found in Monster Hunter Rise, but they do provide some really important items for helping us craft and upgrade the equipment we need. Bnahabra and Altaroth are some examples, with the latter being our focus in this guide.

Altaroth are the bugs you need to find in order to kill and gather their remains, for getting yourself some Quality Stomach. They are very easy to miss, considering how small they are, but their highlighted green-ish color is what makes them differentiate from the environment. They usually mind their own business, walking in ant-like formation towards their nests. Found in almost every map, there isn’t any issue of choosing one specifically, but we highly suggest Shrine Ruins as it has two easy to reach spots for finding some Altharoth.


In the picture above, those two spots are highlighted for your convenience. Right where region 8 is and the far top of region 12 there are always some Altaroth lying there, easy to hunt down. Sometimes their whole body is destroyed, making it impossible to carve, but if that’s the case try to find some more or wait for them to respawn. Quality stomach can easily be farmed this way, so gather as much as you need. Lastly, make sure that you are into a High Rank map and Quest, since Quality Stomach can only be found in the HR versions of each map in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


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