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Monster Hunter Rise How to Pause the Game

Take a break from hunting monsters.


Monster Hunter Rise will often times have you out on a lengthy hunt to track down and defeat its various monsters, but even the best hunters need a break sometime.  Like in Monster Hunter World, Monster Rise does have a pause feature when not in an online hunt.  In this guide we’ll explain how to pause in solo hunts in Monster Hunter Rise using a workaround for the Nintendo Switch.

How to Pause in Monster Hunter Rise

Like Monster Hunter World, Rise does not have a built-in pause feature, but apparently the developers have taken the feedback from the previous game and at least somewhat incorporated it this time around.  While you won’t have a default pause button for Monster Hunter Rise it seemingly uses a work around of the built-in standby mode of the Nintendo Switch.

Basically, any time you want to pause the game while you are in a solo hunt you can do so, without the penalties of just leaving the game sit without playing.  You can pause in Monster Hunter Rise by pressing the home button on the Switch controller.  Doing so will take you to the Nintendo Switch home screen but then resuming the game will show you that the in-game action has been paused.

While the game is paused none of the timers will be counting down, monsters will also be in the same exact spot as where you left them.  This standby feature pauses the game in Monster Hunter Rise and lets you complete your hunt after you’ve taken a break.

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