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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Play Multiplayer

Here is how you can join online and local multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise.

by Victor Vellas


Monster Hunter Rise is finally here, and everyone is eager to start hunting monsters, either solo or gathering with other hunters to play in online Multiplayer. The game features both local and online multiplayer, and in Monster Hunter Rise Demo we got a first glimpse as to how this feature functions. Now with the official product out, the player will be able to visit Monster Hunter Rise’s online lobby, in order to join multiplayer with other friends or players around the world. Below you will find exactly what you need to know, as to how you can play multiplayer, both in local co-op and online.

How to play Local and Online Multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise

Local Co-op Guide

First things first, it must be noted that in order to play local multiplayer, you don’t need to have Nintendo Switch Online, nor an internet connection. The Nintendo Switch is kind enough to produce its exclusive ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection, making it perfect for ‘LAN’ play.

In order to jump into a local multiplayer game in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to do the following:

  • Find Senri the Mailman, the Courier in Kamura Village, and interact with him.
  • Choose Play Locally.
  • Choose Find Lobby or Create a Lobby.
    • A player needs to Create a Lobby in order for others to join.
    • If you select Find a Lobby, you will find such players. If multiple players Create a Lobby, they’ll end up in separate games, so if you are for example 4 players that are trying to join together, only one needs to Create a Lobby.
    • A password can be set, in order to avoid having random players around joining your room.

Online Multiplayer Guide

In contrast to local co-op, in order to play online you need an online connection and a Nintendo Online Account. Like almost every other game in Switch’s library, Monster Hunter Rise needs such pre-requisites in order to let you join others online.

To jump in any online multiplayer game, follow the guidelines below:

  • Find Senri the Mailman, the Courier in Kamura Village, and interact with him.
  • Choose Play Online.
  • Choose Find Lobby/ Create a Lobby/ Search by Lobby ID.
    • In Find Lobby you will need to choose a targeted monster and language preference, and then a list of available rooms will pop up. Pick any of those and simply jump into the game with other random hunters.
    • Create a Lobby is as you would imagine, you personally create a room for other players to find it and join in to a hunt with you. If you create the room just for your friends to join, it is advised to set a password to avoid other players getting in.
    • Search by Lobby ID is mostly used when friends want to play together. You can share IDs and then one of you that will join the game, should create a room with a password. Share this password, input it to the empty box when asked, and you will be able to hump right into the game together.


Additional features and tips

  • Lobbies can hold up to 4 players maximum. This is due to the team behind Monster Hunter Rise wanting to promote small groups of people, that will end up hunting together in the long run. It is easier to forge a good bond when being around a few hunters, than dozens running around without paying attention to you.
  • Hunter connect is a new feature of Monster Hunter Rise, which pretty much helps the matchmaking process. You can set certain Hunter Tags, in order to be able to find people closer to the progression you’ve made into the game. Active hours, hunting experience and more are some examples of the tag system.
  • You can now ‘Like’ another teammate after a certain multiplayer session. If the person who you sent the ‘Like’, gave you one back, then the ‘Mutual Likes’ feature is triggered. If you end up in such an occasion, you will both be able to join each other’s lobbies, the same way a friend would be able to.
  • The SOS system of Monster Hunter World was a really handy system, that let hunters throw an emergency signal, when needing help in a hunt. Then, other online and available hunters would be able to join their game, in order to continue the hunt together. This feature is still here, but is now renamed as “Join Request”. When in-game, if you go to your Start Menu and there is an on-going Join Request, you can simply click on it, confirm the action and you will be transferred to that person’s room.
  • A monster’s HP is scaled based on the number of players are in the same room. With 2 players it has x1.5 – x1.6 increased HP, while with 3-4 players it has x2.0 – x2.4 its normal HP. In previous installments, the HP scaled only to 1/2/4 player rooms, while now not only it adjusts at 3 players, but it also changes even during a quest. If for example a player leaves the room, the monster’s HP will scale accordingly, right away.
  • You can bring alongside you, only 1 of your Palamute and Palico companions, instead of 2 that you can in normal quests. This is of course in order to avoid having an extremely crowded room.

That would cover anything you need to know in regards to how you can join online and local multiplayer, in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


- This article was updated on:March 26th, 2021

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