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Monster Hunter Rise: Rock Lizard Location

The Rock Lizard is needed for an early-game side quest.

by Victor Vellas


Monster Hunter Rise has a ton of endemic life in its biomes, with Rock Lizards being one of the hardest to find. These small reptiles are usually close to dry and rocky areas, lying there idle, enjoying the view. They can be found in all of the game’s maps, however Shrine Ruins are the first to jump into, hence making it the fastest way of locating one. Let’s see how and where you can find these little fellas, right below.

Where to find a Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise

To start of, you are most likely looking for this creature for two reasons. One, for the Armor Spheres it can drop, providing an extra income to the resources needed for upgrading your armor, and two, because you received the respective quest from Kamura Village.


Senior Hunter Hanenaga gives out a lot of Great Wirebugs early into the game, even for free, but this time he requests a photo of this rare-ish Lizard. Nothing too complicated, just a single shot of the Rock Lizard will suffice for him. At this point of the game, you most likely have access to two maps in Monster Hunter Rise, Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. While you can find it in both of them, Shrine Ruins will be our target here, as it’s the easiest to navigate and access.

You can locate the Rock Lizard in four different spots in Shrine Ruins, all of them being to the northern side of the map. Where exactly, you can see in the picture below.



The only out of the four spots that needs no effort needed at all, is right above section 7. Head right hugging the wall, and one could spawn right where our marker is. The rest of the Rock Lizards, need some climbing to do with your Wirebug. The easiest would be the one closer to section 9, as you can use your Wirebug twice and reach the highest peak of that cliff in mere seconds. The Rock Lizard shown in the thumbnail is also the one you can find there.

The lizards located close to section 10 and 12 respectively, are also high up with the need of your Wirebug to reach. Just follow our markers, look around a little bit to see if they have spawned there, and you should be good to go. Please note that not all four of them spawn at once, as only even one can be available at a time. I tend to find the one close to section 9 the most, so that would be ideal for you to look for.

And that’s all of the Shrine Ruins locations in Monster Hunter Rise of the Rock Lizard. Return your request to get some extra Great Wirebugs, or simply hunt them down for extra spheres.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


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