Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Reach the Hidden Cave in Citadel Area 13

Dispel the fog obscuring the Citadel's map!

by Marc Magrini


Players exploring the new locales in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak may notice some strangely inaccessible locations. This is particularly true when checking out the Citadel. In Area 13, there’s a seemingly inaccessible path giving players a glimpse at some bone piles. Their first instinct might be to try using bombs or climbing the walls around it, but these methods will quickly prove ineffective. To access this secret path, there’s a hidden cave in Citadel Area 13 that will let players access the rare materials within.

How to Find Citadel Area 13’s Hidden Cave in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Area 13 itself is a large pool of water filled with Thornytoads. It also contains two different ways to reach the hidden cave. The first is in Area 13 itself; if players want to enter the cave immediately, they should use a Wirebug or two to climb up the leftmost tree stump by the pool. This tree has a hole within that leads directly into the middle of the cave. If players would prefer to explore the whole cave from start to finish, they simply need to head up the cliff to the right of the pool. There should be a mineshaft-looking hole that acts as the cave’s entrance. On the mini-map, players will be to the left of the big number 13 if they’re in the right place.

The cave will grant access to numerous gathering points, including mining outcrops for players to get Centuria Ore, Meldspar Ore, or Ultimas Crystals at their leisure. At the end of the cave will be a small beach-like area. You can place a Great Wirebug here to quickly travel back to camp, and there’s even a fishing point if you just want to get your hands on some more research points or materials. If nothing else, reaching this area will finally dispel the fog on the Citadel’s map, giving you an unobstructed view of the entire locale.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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