Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron Guide: Weaknesses, Drop Rates, Tips, and More

Take down one of the three lords with this guide

by Caleb Stultz


Out of the three lords Hunters find in their journey across Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Lunagaron is the second among them. This terrifying frost werewolf is fast, and will knock Hunters off their feet in a moment if they are not careful. It is infamous for putting Hunters away quickly. Whether you are just now taking on Lunagaron for the first time or you are trying to get materials for new weapons and armor, this guide will show you all of Lunagaron’s weaknesses to take advantage of and strategies on how to take it down. You’ll also learn about how to get a Lunagaron Bluecore, Frost Jewel and Lash Shell, among other drops.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron: Weaknesses, Drop Rates, and Tips

Going after Lunagaron the first time is no small task. Depending on its stance, Lunagaron will have different attacks to hurt Hunters with. If it is on all fours, it will be covered in ice. If it is on its hind legs, it will swing at Hunters with its arms and razor-sharp claws.


Lunagaron Weaknesses

Ice and Water will not be much help in this fight, but Fire and Thunder most certainly will. Here are all of the weaknesses, ranked from Null (ineffective) to High (super effective).

  • Fire – High
  • Water – Null
  • Thunder – High
  • Ice – Null
  • Dragon – Low
  • Poison – Low
  • Stun – Low
  • Paralysis – Low
  • Sleep – Low
  • Blast – Medium
  • Exhaust – Low
  • Fireblight – Medium
  • Waterblight – Low
  • Thunderblight – Low
  • Iceblight – Low

Tips on How to Take Down Lunagaron

First note that Lunagaron has two forms, as we mentioned before. Overall, you will see Lunagaron walk around the maps on all fours but will fight you on its hind legs. However, it does not stick to either stance throughout the entire fight, giving it speed advantage to watch out for.

When it is on all fours, it covers itself in Ice, which not only protects the monster from your attacks but also potentially hurts Hunters with Iceblight. That is why we recommend you bright Nulberries in your pack when you fight this beast. Don’t waste your time rolling around and wasting stamina, especially on Master Rank.

Lunagaron will hold in its Ice form for just a bit, so wail on it with your weapon of choice, knocking off pieces of its ice to make the monster fall and turn on its side, exposing its weak spot (the abdomen).

When it gets back up, it will go into rampage mode so watch out for its sharp claws as they do massive damage no matter what armor you wear. This tough, but fair boss is one you will take down easily once you learn its attack patterns.

Lunagaron Drop Rates for Items

Here are all of the materials you can potentially get by taking down Lunagaron, from most to least common:

  • Lunagaron Cortex – Most often dropped, but also carved, broken, captured and as a target reward
  • Lunagaron Shard – Most often dropped, but also as a carve, capture, target reward and broken
  • Luna Vermillion Hardclaw – Most often broken, but also as a capture and target reward
  • Frostborn Hardfang – Most often broken, but also carved, as a target reward and dropped
  • Lunagaron Bluecore – Most often dropped, but also carved and rarely (less than 10% chance) as a capture reward and as a target reward
  • Lunagaron Frost Jewel – Very rarely (less than 5% chance) from capture or broken parts or as a target reward, and even more rarely as a carve or drop
  • Lunagaron Lash Shell – Most often broken, but also as a capture reward


Instead of killing any monster in the game, try capturing them! Your chances of getting good drops for new materials will be substantially increased.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now for both the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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