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Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Gargwa Eggs

Carrying eggs in the Monster Hunter franchise was never pleasant

by Victor Vellas


There is a single type of quests that was never enjoyable in the Monster Hunter franchise, and in Monster Hunter Rise this trend keeps on going with the infamous Gargwa Eggs. We are of course talking about delivering eggs in our camps, which is without a doubt one of the most tedious activities you can do in the game. Veterans of the series are of course aware why, but for the newcomers, you will see below what we are talking about.

Where to find Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise

First of all, what Gargwa Eggs are in Monster Hunter Rise? They are droppable items from the Gargwa creature as you would imagine, but they are not obtainable. After dropped, you can grab these and carry them to your Camp, for getting 200 Kamura Points right away. That is their sole purpose in terms of functionality, but in reality you will most likely gather these for a specific quest.

The Egg-cellent Idea quest will have you going out there and gather two of these eggs, in order to unlock a new Hammer design. Bring back two eggs and you are done. While it is an easy task to do, is both boring and annoying, in case you are not careful. You need to pick up these eggs and run all the way back to your camp, in order to deliver them to the blue box right next to the tent. It doesn’t matter in what quest you are in for doing so, but an Expedition to the Shrine Ruins is recommended, to do this at your leisure.


After you start your mission in Shrine Ruins, you need to head on the left side of the map, following the huge river and waterfalls. A lot of Gargwa usually spawn there, from region 2 up to region 13. They are found in more places in the map, but these are the fastest to reach, with the easiest path back to the camp. Take a look at the picture above to see where exactly my hunter is located, while looting the egg.

In order for the item to drop in the first place, what you need to do is to surprise a Gargwa by attacking them. From what I’ve seen, attacking them head on doesn’t really do the trick since they barely drop any egg that way. If you however sneak from behind and throw an attack without being noticed, Gargwa Eggs are for sure to drop very frequently. Even attacking them with gestures like the Shadowboxing count as a hit, letting them drop an egg each time.

After you grab the egg, you need to bring it intact to your Camp. Below, we list a couple of tips in order to bring it back safely:

  • Don’t press ‘Y’ as the hunter will drop the egg to the ground.
  • Don’t let your stamina run out, as the Gargwa Eggs are dropped if so.
  • Running doesn’t make you drop the eggs.
  • Using the Wirebug doesn’t make you drop the eggs either, making it a great move to move around fast, while holding any egg.
  • You can run along the river and waterfall, and jump from it as well, but make sure to use your Wirebug right before you reach the ground. If you don’t, the egg will smash into pieces. This is a great way of using this shortcut, and then simply run to your base.
  • Don’t let any creature attack you, as the egg will be dropped.

Repeat this process two times, and you will complete the quest. In case any of the Gargwa Eggs are broken during your run to the base, you will need to head back and find a new one. Hopefully, this brief guide will help you deliver those annoying eggs the easiest way possible.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


- This article was updated on:March 30th, 2021

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