Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Guide – How To Unlock Raider Ride

Everything you need to know about Raider Ride in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

by Jelani James
Iceborne Raider Ride

Have you ever looked at your Palico during a hunt while it’s riding a monster and thought you’d like to do that too someday? Well, with the coming of Raider Ride in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, that day has finally come.

What Is Raider Ride?

Raider Ride is exactly what it sounds like: Tailraider monsters that you can summon, mount and ride yourself.

They can’t be controlled manually, but you can mark a large monster or location on your map and the Tailraider monster will automatically follow it while you prepare, mine, gather, etc. They can also sniff out monster tracks to help with your research, but only if you decline to select a destination.

Two important things to note though, is that they’ll steadily become fatigued if you ride them too much, making them unavailable for the remainder of the quest or expedition until they recover, and that there are times when they’ll be unavailable, such as when you’re in certain areas or if they’re busy.

Beyond that, they’re a nice way to expedite the tracking/hunting process. There’s even unique ones based on the region you’re in!

Nice. How Do I Unlock It?

Raider Ride is unlocked as a reward for befriending the Boaboa in Hoarfrost Reach. There’s a guide that goes into greater detail, but here’s a quick rundown of what you have to do:

*Note: All of these can be found at the Resource Center

  1. Hunt Any Large Monster In Hoarfrost Reach
  2. Go To The Boaboa’s Lair and Attend Their Council Meeting
  3. Complete The Quest, “By Our Powers Combined”

Once you finish this questline, on top of befriending the Boaboa, you’ll receive the Raider Ride Call item that can be permanently found in your item bar.

That’s it for the Raider Ride in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. They’re fun to use and great for finding large monsters who don’t like staying in one place for too long. Consider using your new Tailraider monster friends whenever you get the chance.