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Mordhau Update #22 Patch Notes

Combat changes, UI tweaks, and more in this new update.

by Carlos Hurtado


Update #22 has arrived for Mordhau, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This patch is everything, but small. Almost every aspect of the game it’s been tweaked, balanced, and fixed. One of the most impressive changes in this update is the fact that the developers managed to update the game from Unreal Engine 4.20 to 4.25.

This upgrade might not seem like a lot but the devs assure that this will give them new tools and it will help them to fix many underlying technical issues. They also added new cosmetic items, redesigned play areas, new Frontline variants, and more. Here’s everything new with Mordhau Update #22.

Mordhau Update #22 Patch Notes


  • Upgraded Unreal Engine from 4.20 to 4.25


  • Added Florentine set.
  • Added Dacian Falx set.
  • Added Bohemian Warhammer set.
  • Added Bohemian Maul set.
  • Added War dart Javelin Set.
  • Added Hussar armor set.
  • Added Sunray Spear.
  • Added Cuirassier Chest and Legs.
  • Added Kettle sallet with and without bevor.
  • Added Italian sabatons.
  • Updated various item proportions and/or textures for Duke’s pollax, Burgundian Cuirass, Corazzina, Kastenbrust faulds, and others.


  • Adjusted horse bump, removing bumps from behind and greatly reducing bumps from sides.
  • Shield wall can only be raised out of idle now, fixing various exploits.
  • Bloodlust reworked – no longer gives extra health on kill, now starts regenerating health on kill right away which will stop if you get flinched or start a parry. Point cost adjusted.
  • Missing now slows down comboing, which makes it easier to punish a missed swing.
  • Combo weapons can now parry in miss recovery at stamina cost (the same as combo feint to parry, without having to combo, making it more accessible).
  • Stand to crouch slowed down slightly.
  • Global attack lunge increased slightly.
  • Global knockback reduced slightly.
  • Strike chamber window reduced 20ms (Stab & strike chamber window now identical).
  • Time to get rag-dolled from falling increased from 1.25s to 1.5s.
  • Movement adjusted: sprint start (partial sprint) is now slightly slower, but acceleration to max sprint speed is much faster. Landing a successful hit no longer puts players into a partial sprint, this means you keep your sprinting speed on successful hits. Punishing runhau is now easier, closing gaps is faster, and traversing maps is less sluggish.
  • Increased movement slowdown when getting parried/blocked by the enemy very slightly.
  • Kick stamina gain on hit reduced to 5.
  • Kicks no longer flinch attack releases (still flinches windup and early release).
  • Kick feints now cost 10 stamina.
  • Shield wall active parry no longer blocks kicks.
  • Parry recovery increased 25ms to reduced double parries.
  • Adjusted how attacks collide with the world, making it less likely to clip the environment with your weapon and getting your attack stopped by world collision.
  • Nobles now have increased health instead of a damage % reduction modifier. This means that ranged and fire damage no longer deals more damage than melee damage proportionally.
  • Parry no longer forces a reset of slow kick, that now happens when you successfully block something. Fixes case of using fast recovery from flinch to get a faster kick.
  • Added Longsword with no miss combo to CombatTest.
  • Toolbox is now banned in the skirmish.
  • Killing peasants no longer hit stops.
  • Flinch attacks no longer knockback.
  • Strikes will no longer glance if they hit someone previously.
  • Ripostes will now use the start angle of the last block and not the start of windup for glancing, this prevents late ripostes from doing weird 360 drags when the spinning is done during the parry.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Smoke bombs are now limited to a maximum of 1 per loadout.
  • Beartrap no longer ragdolls if the planter is friendly/self.
  • Beartrap now uses vertex pulling on the material when planted, allowing it to be seen better through the clutter.
  • The firepit now lasts 2 minutes before it self-destructs.
  • Catapult adjusted, now has less range overall but is faster to push.
  • Messer turn caps slightly more strict.
  • Eveningstar main mode turn caps slightly more strict.
  • Eveningstar main mode misses now drain 1 more stamina.
  • Billhook range buffed 5cm.
  • Billhook strike combo now faster.
  • Billhook strikes now deal more damage against plate armor (same HTK).
  • Billhook stamina negation buffed to 13.
  • Billhook turn caps slightly more strict.
  • Falx damage against T1 torso buffed, can now one shot.
  • Partisan stamina drain increased by 1.


  • Lots of map optimizations.
  • Various collision improvements and fixes.
  • Updated mountain peak map layout.
  • Redesigned Mountain Peak, Crossroads, Feitoria, and Taiga map for Brawl modes.
  • Added visual improvements to Grad.
  • Arena visual & optimization improvements.
  • Fixed various stuck spots.
  • Horses no longer spawn on TDM camp.
  • Various OOB volume improvements.


  • Added new WIP combat animation sets to CombatTest.
  • New stun animations.
  • Adjusted Polehammer and Bardiche armory pose to their new ranges.
  • Improved IK grounding visuals and camera feel.


  • Blocked players from going to the dungeon in Grad.
  • Added a few of the peasant weapons as Horde purchasable.
  • Added all the missing weapons to all of the maps.
  • Tons of various horde improvements (AI behavior, AI stats, equipment prices, navigation…).
  • The difficulty now adapts to amount of players in the team.


  • Various improvements to bot behavior.
  • Fixed players unable to input attacks during flesh wound at certain times.
  • Added AdminActionsWebhookURL – allows server owners to specify a URL to post admin actions to.
  • Added methods for posting admin actions to (primarily Discord) webhooks.
  • Some minor BR improvements added missing weapons into chests etc.
  • Exposed Battle Royale to server browser.
  • Assist damage to count as kill reduced from 75 to 50.
  • Changes to how AI acts if too many of their AI allies are on a single target.
  • Bots will now use ladders less often.
  • Added ability to cut off multiple limbs with one attack.
  • Fixed jump and land animations not playing when repeated in quick succession.
  • Updated localization.
  • Fixed an MMR exploit.
  • Minor chat command fixes.
  • Fixed the CustomPaks folder causing crashes.
  • Matchmaking now prioritizes servers with the least amount of open slots which should result in single servers filling up instead of players being spread out over multiple servers.
  • Admins can now see vote kicks for both teams.
  • Preferred weapon mode is now remembered in most cases.
  • Early implementation of JSON RCON added (WIP).
  • Disabled log output for the voice which was spamming the log.


  • Lots of sound improvements and new sounds.
  • Various sound optimizations.
  • Added new sounds to siege engines.
  • Added separate voice volume slider (only affects voice lines, not grunts).
  • Lute now has new sounds and much more range in the notes it can hit (through the EquipmentCommand console command).


  • Replaced emote/voice menu entries with an actual binding prompt.
  • Changed “reset to default” button text to be white (from grey), so it is not confused with a greyed-out disabled button.
  • Added gamepad key prompt to main menu “return” button.
  • Added report server lag button to chat window.
  • Fixed server browser breaking in 4:3 resolution, improved element alignment.
  • Toolbox build widget improvements: added icon, small text changes, now always indicates if the placement is valid/invalid in the UI (previously only indicated by the red/green color change).
  • Set up a new font system under the hood, localized fonts are now slightly different.
  • Potential fix for the “out of bounds”/retreat text getting stuck on the screen.
  • Fix for issue with commas in the server browser’s ping field.
  • Additional context menu options in the chatbox and scoreboard.
  • Improved BR scoreboard functionality.
  • Changed “Network checksum mismatch” error message to “Game or mod version mismatch” to make it easier to understand.
  • Match duration in UI now correctly matches to value set on the server (was wrong on community/custom servers).

Among the combat changes, now missing combos will be easier to punish, combo feint-to-parry are going to be easier to perform, and now the movement will be more streamlined and fun. All these changes to combat will shake things up for experienced players, so you are going to need to do some relearning if you want to keep up with the new changes.

Mordhau is available now on PC. For more information regarding this new update, visit their official Steam page.

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