MORDHAU Update 24 Hotfix 2 Patch Notes

AI opponents are going to act differently after this update.

by Carlos Hurtado


Hotfix #2 has arrived for update 24 of MORDHAU, and here’s a list with all the changes and fixes added with this patch. This MORDHAU hotfix fixes and tweaks many sides of the game, so players should find the game in a better state after this update is implemented. Many changes to the Horde mode were done, so fans of the mode should stick to the end of the patch notes to find out what changed. Here’s everything new with MORDHAU update 24 hotfix 2.

MORDHAU Update 24 Hotfix 2 Patch Notes


  • Fix attempt for Noria gate not being destroyed properly.
  • Fixed Noria wheel collision desyncing.
  • Small optimizations for burnable objectives (FX/Decals/Audio).
  • Minor Cortile fixes.
  • Misc Equipment/Armor LOD fixes.
  • Tweaks to toolbox buildable placement.
  • Fixes for Taiga landscape breaking.
  • Fixed tent collision settings on Camp not blocking projectiles.
  • Tweaks to AI focus change during attacks to stick on one target.
  • Horde: revive time from 1.5s to 3.5s.
  • Horde: Various balance tweaks to skills.
  • Horde: Bear traps no longer trigger on friendlies. Increased max amount placed from 5 to 8.
  • Horde: Tweaked drop rates for gamble chests.
  • Horde: Fixed Yeoman damage bonus not working.
  • Horde: Nerfed Fire Arrows (from 1s -> 0.5s and 30% to 25%).
  • Horde: Nerfed Volley (Upgrade now gives +10% instead of +20% dmg).
  • Horde: Nerfed longbow damage.
  • Horde: Wave income tweaks.
  • Horde: Various equipment price adjustments.
  • Horde: Lowered resupply timer for firebombs.

The Horde mode received many balance changes in this hotfix. Besides the nerfs, more changes were made. The AI got an interesting change regarding the way it attacks players. Now the AI enemies will keep attacking a single enemy for longer, focusing on other characters for longer before switching targets.

MORDHAU is available now on PC. For more information regarding this update go to the official MORDHAU Twitter page.

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