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Mortal Shell – Where to Find Bronze and Golden Bells

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by Abdul Saad


In Mortal Shell, players will find many useful items along their path to help with their journey. An example of such items are bells or more specifically, two bells, the Bronze and Golden Bells. These consumable items are highly useful to the player and provide buffs or passives signified by an icon above the player’s health bar. The bells can also increase in effectiveness with more familiarity (from two uses). I’ll be breaking down how to locate these bells, what they do specifically, and how to use them.

The Bronze Bell

The first is the Bronze Bell which boosts the amount of tar you can earn within six minutes of its use. What’s more, if you max out its familiarity, it will also grant a ten percent increase in the drop rate of Glimpses which are obviously much rarer to find.

The first Bronze Bell is located on a shattered column under Vlas’s shop. Walk to the edge past Vlas, and drop below onto the column to find it. A bell can also be purchased from Vlas for 1000 tar, one can be found among some corpses at Temple Grounds, and another can also be found inside a chest at the Dim Gate. Tar and Glimpses are precious resources in Mortal Shell. As such, the Bronze bell is definitely a useful item for players to have.

The Golden Bell

Next is the Golden Bell which affects resolve. Ringing the bell will grant the player increased resolve gain for three minutes, and increased familiarity with the bell will make its effect last longer. The first Golden Bell can be found past Dim’s Gate. Up some stairs. Below the stairs is a narrow beam across the center.  From the stairs, drop onto the beam and make your way to the bell.

A bell can also be found at the Abandoned Chamber inside a chest after defeating the Enslaved Grisha. Search well enough, and a bell can also be found inside one of the Frog Chests during The Mist. One can also be found at Eternal Narthex inside a chest at the Brigand campsite. And of course, one is sold by Vlas for 1000 Tar.

Golden Bells are especially useful during boss fights in Mortal Shell, as it grants players more resolve that can be used to finish off your opponent with a special move, or just to even the odds.


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