MW3 Highrise: All Weapons, Field Upgrades, and Item Locations

Leave no stone unturned in this MW3 map!

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Highrise Weapons Armor Plate Carriers Locations Featured
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Highrise is a fair bit into your playthrough of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and is chock-full of secrets. It is also a challenging open combat mission, as Gaz scales a 12-floor highrise seeking weapons, armaments, field upgrades, night-vision goggles, and armor plates in Modern Warfare 3!

All Armaments & Weapons in MW3 Highrise

There are 18 weapons along with armaments hidden among the many floors of Highrise in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). You’ll either find or deploy with these while looting the supply cases scattered around the map.

This map is not as spread out as the other maps and potentially doesn’t even reach the greatest heights, instead, every floor is dense with loot and enemies. The Nightvision Goggles will come in clutch for portions where the map is pitch-black as well, and the Ascender will be a sight for sore eyes.

  1. Silenced Kastov 762
  2. Incendiary MCW
  3. ISO Hemlock
  4. Silenced Striker 9
  5. PDSW 528
  6. VEL 46
  7. Silenced Expedite 12
  8. Incendiary Bryson 800
  9. Lockwood 680
  10. Minigun
  11. RPK
  12. Explosive Crossbow
  13. Silenced MTZ Interceptor
  14. Silenced TAQ-M
  15. LA-B 330
  16. WSP Stinger
  17. .50 GS
  18. X12

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With the Highrise Tac-Map, the biggest challenge is going to be keeping track of which floors have the loot you want. I’ve provided the relevant floors in several slides below, and you can swipe left or right to see the locations for weapons with gun icons and armaments marked by blue triangles!

  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Floor-2
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-2
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-6
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-8
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-9
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-10
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-12
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-13

Additionally, I wanted to get as specific as possible with nearly all of these locations because it’s confusing and you will need the night vision goggles. The Ascender is more optional this time around but it saves a lot of time and frustration. Swipe left or right to see each zoomed map location in Highrise to find all the hidden items in MW3!

  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-1
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-2
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-3-Second-Weapon-Location
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-4
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-5
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-6
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-7
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-8
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-9
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-10
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-11
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-12
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-13
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-14
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-15
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-16
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-17
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-18

Highrise Nightvision Goggles Location

The night vision goggles (NVG) are easy to find in Highrise, just near where you ascend to the 6th floor at the start. This will be necessary to navigate dark hallways laden with traps that have supply cases inside!

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Highrise Ascender Location

Contrary to several other maps in Modern Warfare 3, the Ascender might be found after you’ve tracked down several weapons and armaments. It’ll be on the 11th floor (12th level) in a stairwell just before reaching the rooftop which makes beating this mission a piece of cake.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Highrise Plate Carrier Locations

There are 2 Plate Carriers in the Highrise MW3 mission, and you’re going to need them along with some armor-piercing rounds when you try to extract your HVI. One will be on the 8th floor (level 9) behind a barricaded door, which you can open by shooting a chair through a hole in the wall to the left, and the other will be in a laundry room on the 7th floor (level 8).

  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Armor-Carrier-1-Map
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Armor-Carrier-2

Highrise Field Upgrade Locations

There are 2 Field Upgrades in Highrise while playing MW3:

  • Snapshot Pulse
  • Anti-Armor Rounds

The anti-armor rounds will carry you through the final phases of this mission. You’ll find one on the 5th floor (level 6) and the roof.

  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-6
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Map-Level-13

MW3 Highrise Weapon & Armaments Locations: Tips

  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Tips-2
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Tips-3
  • MW3-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-Highrise-Weapons-Armor-Plate-Carriers-Locations-Tips

Don’t be afraid to retrace your steps if you’re missing anything. Check dark hallways, and when you find locked doors, look for other ways to get in, and spots where you can look through and spot barricades. I don’t know how all the chairs used for barricades look the same, but I digress. Finally, when you’re out in the courtyard area, scope out any ledges you can parachute to, and leave no stone unturned.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2023

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