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Drinking a Jugger-Nog in front of a horde of zombies in Modern Warfare Zombies
Image: Activision

MW3 Zombies Perk-a-Cola Locations & Crafting Recipes/Schematics

For when you need some help to get by, this guide covers how to find and craft Perk-a-Cola in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

In need of an upgrade? Thirsty? Hit two zombies with one bullet thanks to Perk-a-Cola: permanent upgrades in a can. This guide covers how to find and craft all nine Perk-A-Colas in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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How to Find Perk-a-Cola in MW3 Zombies (MWZ)

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In MW3 Zombies, Perk-a-Colas are found in Perk-a-Cola Machines, just like in the good ol’ days. The locations of Perk-a-Cola Machines (or Perk Machines) are randomized every match, but the TacMap always displays where you can find them.

If you’re low on Essence, Reward Rifts at the end of contracts often contain a random can of Perk-a-Cola. The Random Perk power-up also gives you, fittingly, a random perk. You can also craft individual Perk-a-Colas in the Gear menu before deployment.

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How to Craft Perk-a-Cola in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To craft Perk-a-Cola in MWZ, follow these steps:

  • Open the Gear tab
  • Select Add Item in your Rucksack
  • Select Schematic Crafting
  • Choose the Perk-a-Cola you want to craft

You can also craft Aetherium, Ammo Mods, and Wonder Weapons in the Schematic Crafting tab if you’ve extracted their recipes.

Like a certain other cola company, Perk-a-Cola keeps its recipes well-guarded. You need to find or earn Perk-a-Cola Schematics before you can craft them.

How to Find Perk-a-Cola Schematics

Perk-a-Cola Schematics, along with Aetherium and Ammo Mod Schematics, have a slim chance of dropping from Reward Rifts. For example, the Speed Cola recipe has a chance to drop from Reward Rifts at the end of Tier 1 contracts. A couple of Schematics are also given as rewards from Story Missions.

Here’s the full list of Perk-a-Cola Schematics and their locations in MW3 Zombies:

Perk-a-Cola RecipeSchematic Location
Deadshot Daiquiri SchematicTier 1 Contract
Death Perception SchematicAct 3 Mission reward
Elemental Pop SchematicTier 3 Contract
Jugger-Nog SchematicTier 2 Contract
PHD Flopper SchematicTier 2 Contract
Quick Revive SchematicAct 1 Mission reward
Speed Cola SchematicTier 1 Contract
Stamin-Up SchematicTier 1 Contract
Tombstone Soda SchematicTier 3 Contract

You can use Perk-a-Cola Schematics every three hours to create a specific can to store in your backpack. No crafting materials are involved, so who knows how they’re made? Or what they taste like.

Every Perk-a-Cola in MWZ

Image: Activision

Drinking a Perk-a-Cola in MW3 Zombies will give you a permanent boost throughout the match (or until dead). Here’s every Perk-a-Cola and what they do:

  • Deadshot Daiquiri
    • Aiming down sight moves to enemy critical location. Increase enemy critical damage.
  • Death Perception
    • Obscured enemies, chests, resources, and item drops are more easily spotted, including through walls.
  • Elemental Pop
    • Every bullet you fire has a small chance to apply a random Ammo Mod effect.
  • Jugger-Nog
    • Increases maximum health.
  • PHD Flopper
    • Diving to prone triggers an explosion. The explosion increases the higher you fall. Immunity from fall damage while diving. Immunity from area-of-effect damage from weapons you are using.
  • Quick Revive
    • Reduce the health regeneration delay time by 50%. Reduce the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%.
  • Speed Cola
    • Drink to reload and replate armor faster.
  • Stamin-Up
    • Increases run and sprint speed.
  • Tombstone Soda
    • On death, you create a tombstone stash at that location, containing your backpack inventory in the next game.

On the topic of Schematics, did you know the iconic Ray Gun has one? Check out How to Get the Ray Gun Schematic in MW3 Zombies.

This guide was written while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox Series X.

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