MW3 Zombies Shocked Guide: How to Get the Dead Wire Ammo Mod

There are no phasers in MW3 Zombies, but here's how you can set your weapon to stun!

by J.R. Waugh
Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Zombies MWZ Shocked How to Get Dead Wire Ammo Mod
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In Act 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode, we are introduced to more mechanics and pushed subtly to more intense areas of the game.

For the Shocked mission in MW3 Zombies, players might be wondering the best trick to get the Dead Wire ammo mod!

How to Get the Dead Wire Ammo Mod in MW3 Zombies

Go to Aether Nests or Infested Strongholds if you don’t already have Dead Wire ammo as a schematic for you to craft. These will randomly drop from any of these locations, and you’re all but guaranteed to find at least one to add to your weapon in one of the Aether Caches inside.

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Then, it’s simply a matter of completing the objectives for Shocked to get the Madness Sticker, 2000 XP, and progress toward completing Act 2 of MWZ’s story.

How to Complete the Shocked Mission in MWZ

Shocked is just like Freezer Burn in many ways, and you’ll soon see why with these objectives.

  • Stun 25 Zombies with Dead Wire Ammo Mod
  • Stun 5 Special Zombies with Dead Wire Ammo Mod

Go to Threat Zone 2 (orange) and run a Raid Weapon Stash contract. When you begin drilling the safe, move far away and start shooting up the zombies.

For this one, you’re welcome to Pack-a-Punch to Level 1 to help keep the hordes away. My feelings about Dead Wire haven’t changed after completing this mission. It can sometimes lock zombies into doorways barring your exit, but you still need to complete it, nonetheless.

To stun enemies, you just need to hit them enough times until the RNG prompts a sound like chains clanging along with the enemy visibly being shocked with electricity. Aim for legs and torsos first to improve your chances of getting a Dead Wire stun. The more hits you can score without killing your targets, the better your odds of getting the stun to work.

What Are Special Zombies and How Do You Stun Them in MWZ?

Special zombies, as I’ve tested, include creatures like Mimics, Manglers, and Disciples. For this reason alone, the Raid Weapon Stash contract in the orange zone is perfect because it draws out Manglers, which are bulky, and heavily armored, and it’s pretty hard to hit their weak spot. This makes them ideal targets, with Disciples taking second place.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Each one you draw out, and you’ll find you get a lot if you stay further away from the safe, has a good chance of getting stunned at least once, making this mission a cinch.

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2023

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