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Naraka Bladepoint – How to Repair and Restore Weapon Durability

Always keep your weapons battle-ready.

by Brandon Adams


Naraka Bladepoint is a melee-focused battle royale, and since melee weapons don’t traditionally require ammunition the game uses a weapon durability system to ensure players don’t mindlessly hack and slash their way to victory. This includes the handful of ranged weapons in Naraka Bladepoint, which also don’t use ammo in the usual sense. You need to know how to repair and restore weapon durability if you don’t want to get demolished in a fight.

Repair and restore weapon durability with a Weaponry Chest in Naraka Bladepoint.

You can repair and restore weapon durability for any equipped weapon by using a Weaponry Chest, a basic item found throughout the Herald’s Trial. You can only carry two Weaponry Chests per stack, so these can take up most of your inventory slots if you try to carry one for every possible weapon you can carry (which is a total of six, to include the two you have equipped).

Weapon durability in Naraka Bladepoint is lost by striking an enemy with your melee weapon, or by firing your ranged weapon. That means weapon durability for ranged weapons is, for all intents and purposes, their ammunition. To use a Weaponry Chest to repair and restore a melee or ranged weapon simply tap the R-key to channel the item. It takes three seconds to cast, and you can’t move while using the Weaponry Chest. It will completely restore your weapon’s durability, however, so you will want to save these for whenever your durability is critically low.


Do keep in mind that melee weapons are still usable in combat if they hit zero weapon durability, but their damage will be reduced. Since weapon durability acts as ammo for ranged weapons they cease to function until your repair and restore their durability. This means you can try and keep yourself alive with a broken melee weapon if you happen to be out of Weaponry Chests and need to find more.

By the way, in Naraka Bladepoint you can left-click on Weaponry Chests within your inventory to use them on your currently equipped weapon. This includes whenever you tap Tab for area loot. Just right-click the Weaponry Chest you want to use to add it to your inventory, then left-click it to use it.

Remember to keep track of your weapon durability in the bottom-right of the UI to ensure you’re always ready for a fight. Naraka Bladepoint launches August 12th, 2021 on PC via Steam and Epic.

- This article was updated on June 16th, 2021

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