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NBA 2K20 Fix Rep Glitch

Multiple methods to fix the rep glitch in 2k20

by Timothy Okoro


If you’re playing NBA 2K20 and you aren’t earning rep or badge process in My Career, you are not alone.  The rep glitch in NBA 2K20 is an issue that many people are having, 2K has yet to fix it on their own, but there is a way that you can fix the rep glitch on your own.

There are multiple ways that have been reported that work to fix rep glitch in NBA 2K20.  We’re going to go with what fixed the glitch for us, first.  When we encountered the Rep Glitch in 2K20 we saw that after we went to the Team Practice Facility to do drills and the glitch was solved.  You’ll want to make sure that you go to the Team Practice Facility and not the Gatorade Training Center as they are pretty close by.  After completing the team drills our problem was fixed and we were once again able to earn RP and Badge progress.

Methods to fix Rep Glitch in 2K20

  1. Do drills in the team practice facility
  2. Create a new character, play a game, and then back out to your main
  3. (Not tested) Switch to My Team and play a game and then go back to My Career

The problem can happen more than once, so just because you fix it once doesn’t mean it won’t come back.  When it happened to us a second time, we used a different method to solve the rep glitch problem.  Instead of going to the practice facility to do drills we tried another method which requires you to create a new player.

You can do this in the game menu and restart My Career.  Instead of selecting your player you can tab down to start another My Career Save File.  What worked for us is to play the first game in My Career and then quit out and go back to the profile selection.  Select you main profile and then you will see that you are once again earning Rep and Badge Progress.

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