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NBA 2K20 How to Get Tokens in My Team

If you want the best cards in My Team unlocking them with tokens is one way to do it.

by William Schwartz


Tokens are a type of currency in NBA 2k20 that allows you to purchase different rewards.  These tokens can be earned by completing different game types within My Team.

How to Get Tokens in NBA 2K20

You can get tokens from completing different activities in My Team.

Single player challenges in Domination reward Tokens as you progress through this mode that has you playing 5v5 against every NBA team.

Weekly single player challenges will also be a big source of Tokens.

Multiplayer in My Team will also reward Tokens.  Depending on the mode that you play in multiplayer My Team will reward you with different amounts of Tokens.  In the Unlimited Mode you will earn a minimum of 1 Token if you finish the 12 game season with at least 1 win.

There are also multiplayer challenges that will reward tokens on a weekly basis.

You can also earn a massive amount of Tokens by completing Collector Challenges.  These challenges simply require that you collect cards and when you reach certain milestones you will get tokens in bunches.

  • Collecting 125 cards – 10 Tokens
  • Collect 225 cards – 15 Tokens
  • Collect 500 cards – 35 Tokens
  • Collect 1250 cards – 200 Tokens
  • Collect 1750 cards – 300 Tokens
  • Collect 2500 cards – 750 Tokens

Where to Use Tokens

Tokens can be used in the Pack Market section of the My Team menus.  In this menu you will find a rewards section.  Head into the rewards section to spend tokens on exclusive cards of different rarity levels.  You’ll start with Emerald Rewards and then you can work towards Sapphire Cards, Ruby Cards, Amethyst Cards, Diamond Cards, Pink Diamond Cards, and Galaxy Opal Cards.  Each new rarity level will require that you’ve completed redeemed rewards in the prior category.

How to get Pink Diamond, Galaxy Opal, and other Rare Cards in NBA 2K20

  • Emerald Cards – Starting Tier
  • Sapphire Cards – Redeem 10 Emerald Rewards
  • Ruby Cards – Redeem 10 Sapphire Rewards
  • Amethyst Cards – Redeem 12 Ruby Rewards
  • Diamond Cards – Redeem 12 Amethyst Rewards
  • Pink Diamond Cards – Redeem 10 Diamond Rewards
  • Galaxy Opal Cards – Redeem 8 Pink Diamond Rewards

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