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NBA 2K20 Post Moves – How to Dominate in the Paint

Use all of the big man skills

by William Schwartz


The big man might be quietly becoming less and less important in the real NBA, but the post-game is alive and well in NBA 2K20.  There are plenty of big men with skills in NBA 2K.  From Joel Embid to the cover athlete, Anthony Davis or the many historical big men in the game — knowing how to use them can make them nearly unstoppable.  Below you’ll find a list of the moves and an explanation of how to play in the post in NBA 2K20.

The thing that you need to remember about playing in the post in NBA 2k20 is that everything depends on the left trigger.  Every post move is going to start with hold the LT Trigger (Xbox) or the L2 Trigger (PlayStation).  We’re going to reference them as LT in all of the moves, so just know this is L2 on PlayStation.

How to Post Up

Press and hold the LT.  Release LT to face-up.

How to Pivot

While holding the LT Button, move the Left Thumbstick in any direction

Drive towards the lane

While holding the LT Button, hold RT and Left Thumbstick toward the lane and then release LT.

Drive towards baseline

While holding the LT button, hold RT and the Left Thumbstick toward the baseline and then release LT.

How to Dropstep

While holding the LT Button move and hold the Left Thumbstick left or right toward the hoop and tap X/Square.

How to Spin

Hold LT then rotate the right stick to either side

How to Stepback

Hold the LT and then Hold RT and press the Right Thumbstick left, right, up, or down.  Different types of step backs will be performed depending on which way you press the Right Thumbstick.

How to Backdown

While holding LT, Hold RT and Left Thumbstick towards the defender.

Hook Shot

While holding LT, move the Right Thumbstick up and to the left or up and to the right.


While holding LT, hold Right Thumbstick away from the hoop.

Up and Under

While holding LT, Use the Right Thumbstick to pump fake.  Let go of LT and hold Right Thumbstick toward hoop before the pump fake ends.

How to Dunk in Post

While holding LT, Hold RT and then press the Right and Left Thumbsticks up.

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