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NBA 2K21 How to Unlock Auction House

Collect 30 cards to unlock this part of MyTeam

by William Schwartz


If you’re trying to access the Auction House in NBA 2K21 My Team mode you will be greeted with a message letting you know that it’s locked.  To unlock the Auction House you actually need to complete a specific challenge in the mode’s Season Agendas.  This guide we’ll explain exactly what you need to do to unlock the Auction House in NBA 2K21.

Unlock Auction House Season Agenda.

Not very clear as to where you need to look to complete this, but the agendas are currently located on the home screen in the top left corner where it shows the Season.  In here you’ll be able to view the Season Progress, Season Agendas, and Lifetime Agendas.

There are numerous agendas to complete, but the one you’re looking for is under the Lifetime Agendas tab.  In Lifetime Agendas scroll down to MyTeam Fanatic and you will see that if you Collect 30 Cards you will unlock the auction house.  Unlocking 30 cards should be pretty easy to do and require just a couple hours of playing.

Once you’ve completed this challenge the auction house logo reward will show, letting you know you’ve unlocked it.  You can then freely head into auction house to bid on/ sell players, franchise items, consumables and more.

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