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NBA Playgrounds Guide to Farming Gold Card Packs for Legendary Players

by Al McCarthy


NBA Playgrounds is now out on all platforms and the race is on to build the best possible roster.  The problem is, NBA Playgrounds is a little bit stingey with the card packs, especially the gold ones that contain Legendary players in them.

So first and foremost you need to understand how this system works.  Each time you level up in NBA Playgrounds you’ll get a card pack.  That’s your overall profile that you need to level, not a specific player.  Second, there are certain actions in the game that you can complete that will guarantee that you get a gold pack with a Legendary player.

You should start out by completing all of the tournaments in the game.  Not only will you get better at NBA Playgrounds, but each tournament that you win will net you a gold card pack and you’ll be building up your XP level in the process.  The tournaments aren’t pushovers, and you can’t change the difficulty of them, but the reward is great.  Max out these packs first, and then move on to the following farming method to gain XP and packs by the boatload.

After you’ve completed all of the tournaments, you’ll want to start grinding your XP.  You earn XP after every game, so the idea here is to play the fastest, easiest games possible.  Do exhibition matches with your best two players, against the worst two players you can find for the computer, while also setting the score limit and difficulty to the lowest levels.  This will result in games being over in minutes sometimes much less.  Allowing you to rinse and repeat over and over.

As you do this you’ll be earning packs as you level up, but the main goal is to get to level 50.  After level 50, every level that you earn from there will give you a gold pack and a chance at a Legendary player.  If you want to complete your collection with very little risk of wasting time in NBA Playgrounds this method of farming gold card packs for legendary players is the best way to go.

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