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New Pokémon Snap: An Unusual Spot Guide

Just to feed a Ledian seems like a difficult task


The An Unusual Spot request is one of those tasks in New Pokémon Snap that you pass through so much trouble, just for an anticlimactic moment. Unfortunately, even if the requirements for such a request are very specific and kind of troublesome to do, the reward is not that big as you just need to grab a photo of a Ledian munching a fruit. In fact, the whole process feels like way more satisfactory than the picture itself. If you want to know more about what we are talking about here, take a look further below.

How to complete An Unusual Spot request in New Pokémon Snap

First and foremost, the whole request is doable in Founja Jungle (Night) with your Melody and Illumina orbs unlocked. Your goal is to reach the part where the Ancient Ruins are, and call in a pack of Ledian. You then need to throw a Fluffruit to the one closer to you, so it can start eating it in order for you to take the picture needed. Before that though, we have some work to do.

Let me start by saying this. Spam your Melody through the whole course. I am not even joking here, the moment it stops playing, use it again non-stop. The reason for this is because as you go down the road, you need to wake up a couple of Ledian that are sleeping on trees. The thing is that not only some of them are hard to even see, but the Melody sometimes simply doesn’t work, if you wait and use it when you think it would work. Therefore, simply keep it up during the whole stage.

With that in mind, let’s go to the next step. Early-ish in the stage, you will reach the point where the Swampert is hiding on your left side, inside that swamp. On your right side though, without getting into the alternate route, there are a couple of Liepards sleeping. Throw an Illumina orb at each of them, to wake them up. If you do this successfully, you triggered the requirement for the next phase.

When you reach the fallen log mid-way through the stage, where below you there is a river and the ruins, if you aim your camera up you will be able to notice one of those Liepards you woke up before. Throw an Illumina orb at it, and to your surprise it will literally jump onto NEO-ONE, dropping you down the log in the process. You will then find yourself in front of the ruins. What you need to do now, is to throw an Illumina orb at the Crystalblossom that is found there, in front of you.

If you have done everything correctly up until now in regards to the Ledian and they all are awake by your tune, they will all come there, surrounding the odd flower. One of them will be kind of close to you, so simply start throwing Fluffruits until it grabs one and starts eating it. Which brings us to the last step, take the picture of that moment, and you finally have the photo you need to complete the request. As I mentioned earlier, too much trouble for just making a Ledian to eat a fruit. Quit the stage and head back to finish the task.

New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch. For more related content about the game, make sure to check our guides right here.


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