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New Pokémon Snap – How Many Pokémon are There, Which Species

Which Pokémon are in New Pokémon Snap

by Kyle Hanson


Switch players are finally about to get their hands on New Pokémon Snap and will be able to take pics of all their favorite Pokémon in the Lental region very soon. But not everyone has made it into the latest spinoff game in the series. Some won’t appear at all, while others are quite well hidden. To help you get an idea of which are still out there and which aren’t included here’s a rundown of how many Pokémon are there in New Pokémon Snap, with a full list of which species made the cut.

How Many Pokémon are in New Pokémon Snap

The full count of how many Pokémon are in New Pokémon Snap will take some time. The game just released, but already we have a pretty comprehensive list that draws from our time with the game as well as trailers, gameplay videos, and other reviews. So far by our count there are at least 214 Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap, but more will likely be discovered soon. Check back for any updates as we will be sure to add any we find along the way.

So, which ones are in there? See the full list below.

Which Pokémon are in New Pokémon Snap

Below is a list of every confirmed Pokémon species in New Pokémon Snap. We have sorted the list in two ways, with both columns containing the same names. On the left is the list alphabetically and on the right is by the traditional Pokédex number for that species.

You’ll notice some evolutions are missing, even when one or two others in the line are there. We are waiting until we confirm their presence in the final game, but it is pretty safe to assume that if one member of the group is in that the rest are too.

Pokémon (Alphabetical) Pokémon (by Pokédex #)
Abomasnow Bulbasaur
Absol Venusaur
Aerodactyl Charmander
Aipom Charizard
Alomomola Squirtle
Altaria Blastoise
Applin Caterpie
Arbok Metapod
Archeops Pidgeot
Ariados Rattata
Audino Arbok
Aurorus Pikachu
Avalugg Raichu
Beartic Sandshrew
Beautifly Sandslash
Beheeyem Clefairy
Bellossom Vulpix
Bewear Ninetales
Bidoof Meowth
Blastoise Machamp
Bouffalant Tentacruel
Bounsweet Geodude
Braviary Graveler
Bulbasaur Dodrio
Bunnelby Dewgong
Cacnea Gengar
Carbink Onix
Caterpie Exeggutor
Celebi Kangaskhan
Chandelure Starmie
Charizard Jynx
Charmander Pinsir
Chinchou Magikarp
Clamperl Lapras
Clawitzer Eevee
Clefairy Vaporeon
Combee Jolteon
Comfey Flareon
Corsola Aerodactyl
Crabominable Mew
Crabrawler Meganium
Cradily Typhlosion
Croagunk Furret
Crobat Hoothoot
Cubchoo Ledian
Cutiefly Ariados
Dedenne Crobat
Deerling Chinchou
Delibird Lanturn
Dewgong Pichu
Diancie Natu
Dodrio Bellossom
Drampa Sudowoodo
Drifblim Aipom
Drifloon Wooper
Ducklett Quagsire
Eevee Espeon
Eldegoss Umbreon
Emolga Murkrow
Espeon Steelix
Espurr Qwilfish
Exeggutor Heracross
Finneon Slugma
Flareon Swinub
Florges Corsola
Flygon Octillery
Frillish Delibird
Froslass Mantine
Frosmoth Skarmory
Furret Houndoom
Gardevoir Suicune
Gengar Tyranitar
Geodude Lugia
Glaceon Ho-Oh
Glalie Celebi
Golisopod Torchic
Golurk Swampert
Goodra Mightyena
Graveler Wurmple
Grookey Beautifly
Heliolisk Lotad
Heracross Shiftry
Hippowdon Taillow
Ho-Oh Wingull
Hoothoot Pelipper
Houndoom Gardevoir
Hydreigon Slaking
Inkay Sableye
Jirachi Mawile
Jolteon Sharpedo
Joltik Wailmer
Jynx Wailord
Kangaskhan Torkoal
Kecleon Trapinch
Lanturn Flygon
Lapras Cacnea
Leafeon Altaria
Ledian Zangoose
Liepard Seviper
Lotad Cradily
Lugia Milotic
Lumineon Kecleon
Luvdisc Absol
Luxray Snorunt
Lycanroc Glalie
Machamp Spheal
Magikarp Clamperl
Mamoswine Luvdisc
Manaphy Jirachi
Mandibuzz Torterra
Mantine Monferno
Mareanie Piplup
Mawile Starly
Meganium Bidoof
Meowth Shinx
Metapod Luxray
Mew Rampardos
Mightyena Combee
Milotic Vespiquen
Minior Drifloon
Monferno Drifblim
Morelull Hippowdon
Murkrow Skorupi
Natu Croagunk
Ninetales Finneon
Noibat Lumineon
Noivern Abomasnow
Octillery Weavile
Onix Tangrowth
Pancham Yanmega
Pelipper Leafeon
Pichu Glaceon
Pidgeot Mamoswine
Pikachu Froslass
Pikipek Manaphy
Pinsir Shaymin
Piplup Serperior
Primarina Stoutland
Pumpkaboo Liepard
Pyukumuku Unfezant
Quagsire Woobat
Qwilfish Audino
Raichu Sigilyph
Rampardos Archeops
Rattata Trubbish
Sableye Ducklett
Salandit Swanna
Sandshrew Vanilluxe
Sandslash Deerling
Sandygast Sawsbuck
Sawsbuck Emolga
Scorbunny Frillish
Serperior Alomomola
Seviper Joltik
Sharpedo Beheeyem
Shaymin Chandelure
Shiftry Cubchoo
Shinx Beartic
Sigilyph Stunfisk
Silicobra Golurk
Skarmory Bouffalant
Skorupi Braviary
Slaking Mandibuzz
Slugma Hydreigon
Snom Volcarona
Snorunt Bunnelby
Sobble Talonflame
Spheal Vivillon
Squirtle Florges
Starly Pancham
Starmie Espurr
Steelix Inkay
Stoutland Clawitzer
Stunfisk Heliolisk
Sudowoodo Tyrantrum
Suicune Aurorus
Swampert Sylveon
Swanna Dedenne
Swinub Carbink
Sylveon Goodra
Taillow Trevenant
Talonflame Pumpkaboo
Tangrowth Avalugg
Tentacruel Noibat
Torchic Noivern
Torkoal Xerneas
Torterra Diancie
Toucannon Primarina
Trapinch Pikipek
Trevenant Toucannon
Trubbish Crabrawler
Typhlosion Crabominable
Tyranitar Cutiefly
Tyrantrum Lycanroc
Umbreon Wishiwashi
Unfezant Mareanie
Vanilluxe Morelull
Vaporeon Salandit
Venusaur Bewear
Vespiquen Bounsweet
Vivillon Comfey
Volcarona Golisopod
Vulpix Sandygast
Wailmer Pyukumuku
Wailord Minior
Weavile Drampa
Wingull Grookey
Wishiwashi Scorbunny
Woobat Sobble
Wooper Eldegoss
Wurmple Applin
Xerneas Silicobra
Yanmega Snom
Zangoose Frosmoth

So that’s how many Pokémon are there in New Pokémon Snap and the full list (so far) of which species are included in the game. Check back for updates as we get more hands-on time.

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