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New Pokémon Snap: How to Get All Stars for Dodrio

Three heads are better than one, aren't they?

by Victor Vellas


New Pokémon Snap presents another one of the original bird Pokémon in the Kanto region, Dodrio. A very special creature for sure, Dodrio has three heads acting independently to each other, adding more flair to its already quirky nature. A very fast runner, who you need to be on the lookout for, if you want to capture all of its special moments on camera. See below for more info as to how to do exactly that.

How to take a picture of every Dodrio behavior in New Pokémon Snap

1 – Star

  • Just take a simple picture of a Dodrio walking by, and you should be good to go.

2 – Star

  • In Florio Nature Park (Day) you reach a point before the bridge where some Taillow are resting in front of you. You need to be fast here, since after you close up to them, a Dodrios jumps from your left at the same spot, scaring them away and looking suspiciously around it. If you catch it right before it lands, or after it landed on its feet, looking around, you will get a 2-Star rating.

3 – Star

  • Throw a couple of Fluffruits in front of a Dodrio. It will most likely pick up one of them and will start eating it. While it does, take the screenshot to get your 3-Star picture.

4 – Star

  • Throw an Illumina Orb at a Dodrio and it will jump right away, moving its legs like crazy. Capture its glorious pose while midair, to get the 4-Star rating you need. I did this during nighttime in Florio Nature Park only, but it is not clear if that’s the only time it will act like this.

*Please note that as you increase your Research level in each stage, you may encounter different behaviors of Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap. If you don’t seem to find the specific moment for the one you are looking for, it may be due to this. Keep taking pictures in a specific stage, to unlock every Research level of it and complete your Photodex.

New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch. For more related content about the game, make sure to check our guides right here.


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