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New Pokémon Snap – How to Save

Save your photos and game progress

by Kyle Hanson


The most important thing for any photographer is to know how to save when they’re out shooting, and this is especially true in New Pokémon Snap. Players aren’t just saving the pictures they’ve taken, but also the progres they’ve made through the game. Losing that can cost your hours or even days, so you always want to be sure it’s all secure. To help ease your mind here’s a quick rundown of how to save in New Pokémon Snap.

How to Save in New Pokémon Snap

Thankfully, while many aspects of the Pokémon has lagged behind other games in terms of features New Pokémon Snap offers a more contemporary experience. Autosave is in there by default and should handle all of the heavy lifting when it comes to saving your progress throughout the campaign. A message will let you know about this when you first start the game up, but we all mash buttons to get through there right?

So, in case you missed it just know that the game will be autosaving as you play, triggering when you complete stages or accomplish certain tasks. When it happens you should see an aperture symbol appear in the top right corner of the screen, indicating that the game is saving your progress at that moment. Don’t turn the Switch off or you could corrupt the save file; just let it finish and move on right afterward.

If you saw the symbol appear then it means you have a fresh save file that’s up to date with all of your latest progress. You don’t need to worry about manually saving or anything like that, as the game will take care of the rest. And if you ever want to have a new save file just play the game on a different Switch profile and you’ll start totally fresh.

So that’s how to save in New Pokémon Snap.

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