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New Pokémon Snap: Meganium’s Pal Guide

Meganium has a secret 'friend'


Meganium’s Pal is yet another one of those requests Professor Mirror and Rita throw at us in New Pokémon Snap, and it is our duty to see this request fulfilled. Revolving around Meganium as you have already guessed, we need to find out why it is looking around the place all curious, like it is searching for something. Here is everything you need to know in order to complete the Meganium’s Pal request.

How to complete Meganium’s Pal request in New Pokémon Snap

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, you need to start the Meganium’s Pal request in Florio’s Illumina Spot. If I’m not mistaken, you need to have it at least to Research Level 2, so Meganium will spawn on your right side, sleeping. If that’s the case, you can continue with this request as normal, but if not, you may need to retry the stage a couple of times until it does appear over there.

Then, you pretty much need to wait for Meganium to reach the very last area of the stage, where it stands near a tall tree, looking around. When it does, throw as many Fluffruits as possible onto that tree. If your throws are successful, they will shake the tree enough and a Hoothoot will fall literally right on top of Meganium’s head. Meganium will get dizzy and Hoothoot will fall on the ground following up that head bump. When it does, take a picture of them being together on the ground like that, and it will even end up as the 4-Star picture for Meganium’s Photodex, hitting two birds with one stone.

Complete the stage and the request will be completed right after. Just make sure to not throw any Fluffruits to Meganium prior reaching that tree, as it may make it run happily to chase those fruits and miss the required tree.

New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch. For more related content about the game, make sure to check our guides right here.


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