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Ni No Kuni 2: Grampuss Ring Engraver Riddle Solution

by William Schwartz


Another of the citizens that you recruit to Evermore in Ni No Kuni 2 is a ring engraver named Grampuss.  You’ll find him in Ding Dong Dell after you’ve completed a certain number of side missions for Swift Solutions.  Grampuss isn’t going to come to Evermore without you first solving a riddle, however.

He’ll task you with bringing him a ring after giving you a cryptic clue about malestrom and being jolly.  Instead of combing the world for this special ring, you can head right back to Evermore to construct the ring, assuming that you’ve properly leveled Evermore Outfitters.

You’ll find the solution to this riddle in the ingredients tab of the rings section in the Make Armor or Accessories tab.  The Ring that you need to bring Grampuss is the Underdog’s Ring.  It consists of 2 Malestrom Shells, 2 Tranquilium Nuggets, 2 pieces of Jolly Lumber, and 2 Clear Prisms.

Once you’ve made the ring you can bring it back to Grampuss in Ding Dong Dell and he’ll join your Kingdom.

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