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Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: How To Recruit More Citizens For Evermore

by Jelani James


Kingdom Building is no doubt Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom’s most immersive and defining feature. Though not necessarily on the level of Suikoden, it’s a ton of fun to watch Evermore grow from an unknown nation to a veritable powerhouse. However, your efforts alone won’t allow it to reach that state, you’ll need to recruit citizens to help it grow.

Upon starting Chapter 4, you’ll be able to travel the world far and wide in order to convince people to join Evermore as a citizen. There are over 100 potential citizens and while a handful of them will join as part of the story, you’ll have to fulfill various requirements to get the rest.

How Do I Know An NPC Is Recruitable?

Outside of a few instances, if an NPC has an actual name, then its safe to assume that he or she can be recruited. If you come across an NPC who can’t be recruited, chances are that you’re either not far enough in the game or haven’t fulfilled some other requirements.

What Are These Requirements?

There are seven primary ways to recruit citizens in Ni no Kuni 2:

Story Progression: Technically speaking, this is the case for everyone, but there are several people who are required to become citizens of Evermore as part of the story. All your party members fall under this category, as do four NPCs from Goldpaw.

Swift Solutions: In every city, there is an NPC known as Taskmaster who runs a business known as Swift Solutions. He has a limitless amount of small quests that can be fulfilled for a special currency, called Tokens of Gratitude (referred to in-game as ToG), which can be exchanged for two special services. One of them allows you to exchange earned tokens for materials, while the other lets you exchange the same tokens for leads about recruitable NPCs — some of which only become available after completing a certain amount of his quests. At that point, all you have to do is find them and they’ll join Evermore, nothing else required.


Leafbook: Every so often, Leafbook, a social media app, will provide information about recruitable characters. What makes it particularly useful is that these characters aren’t necessarily listed by Swift Solutions, so the only way to find them other than using Leafbook is to chance upon them.

Evermore Citizens: You’ll occasionally need to have recruited a particular NPC before another is willing to join you. For example, Callianeira is met about halfway through the game, but isn’t available until near the end and will only opt to join if you’ve already recruited her subordinate, Speio.


Influence/Evermore Progression: As Evermore grows and its reputation increases, a few NPCs will become willing to become citizens of your kingdom if you can fulfill their request.

Chain Quests: Though small in number, some NPCs will only be accessible if you complete a related quest beforehand. For example, one NPC from Broadleaf will only join Evermore if Evan can prove that he’s an equal opportunities employer, but first he’ll have to complete another quest where has to find a set of items for her and her two friends.

Exploration: Certain recruitable NPCs are found within dungeons and aren’t listed by either Swift Solutions and Leafbook. An early example of this is Mileniyah who gives you her quest during a story segment, while another, Moggie May, is located in a forest located in Goldpaw territory.

That’s it for ways to recruit citizens for Evermore. You don’t actually need too many if you just want to go through the game normally, but if you want the kingdom to truly expand and provide a heaping ton of benefits to Evan and Co., then you should consider going out of your way to recruit as many as possible.

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- This article was updated on:March 19th, 2018

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